Gifts Under 50

Whenever you make gift checklists for special occasions, do you sometimes forget to give a present to an important person? This person has done so much for you, yet you still find yourself missing him on the list. Who is this person I’m talking about? It’s you! Sometimes, you can get so caught up with the joy of gift giving that you forget that you also deserve to get something special for yourself. At Everything But Flowers, we let you celebrate special occasions or even normal days by finding presents for you!

Why Get Presents for You

As a loving friend and loved one, giving gifts is natural for you. It’s easy to put everyone else’s needs before yours. However you have to remember that you also deserve something special and you deserve to get presents for you. Special occasions like Christmas is a time of giving, however, you should extend your generosity to yourself. This is not only because you deserve it but also because it can inspire you or energise you to deal with the future days to come.

However, whether there’s a special occasion or not, you don’t really need a reason to give yourself something. Indulge in the little joys of life. Treat yourself to things you love and make yourself happy with something you’ve been eyeing for a long time now.

Affordable Presents for You

Sure, the gift of health, adventure, maturity, time, etc. are great priceless gifts that you can give yourself, however sometimes you have to treat yourself with material gifts that are sure to make you happy. The joy in getting material gifts from your own money just creates a sense of fulfilment and a sense of maturity that you could already consider priceless. Remember also that’s it not always about the money; you can find a lot of affordable presents for you that are sure to make you happy without poking hole in your pockets.

We have chosen a few great presents for you that are both enjoyable and affordable. The Bloco Toys T-Rex & Triceratops are for the kids at heart. These toys are sure to bring your favourite scary creatures back to life. For the urban chic, you may get yourself the Berlin Street Style Book which will give you inspiration on fashion, art, and a rock and roll attitude.

For the fashion and style enthusiasts, you may get one the Vogue On Coffee Table Books, you have a choice among the Alexander McQueen issue, the Vivienne Westwood, or the Ralph Lauren issue. If you want to treat yourself the grown up way, then go for the Beer Connoisseur Set which includes a glass set in various sizes and designs. The best part about getting this great presents for you is that each of these items are all under $50!

Where to Get Special Presents for You

Never forget to treat yourself to something you deserve by getting presents for you only here at Everything But Flowers. We are a one-stop online shopping gift store for all your gift-giving needs, whether it’s for Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or even Valentine’s Day. Get gift for all your friends and family, and most especially presents for you only here at Everything But Flowers.

Buying the right gift on a budget can be a challenge for many people, because the good stuff is usually just outside your reach. Fortunately, you can count on Everything but Flowers and an extensive range of gifts priced under 50, giving you the ability to find the right present without breaking the bank. Of course, the items in the under 50 range are of the highest quality, so even if you are spending a little less, you still don’t have to worry about your gift.

In our range of gifts under 50, customers can find gifts such as books, novelty gifts, beers and even home decorations, so there is plenty to choose from for a variety of recipients. Of course, if you don’t know what to choose, you can also pick one of our gift vouchers, which are available for various amounts. We also have experience vouchers that could be interesting for your recipient, so be sure to check outside the under 50 range for more interesting gifts for your recipient.