Manly Beach Yoga Mat

Biodegradable, Washable, and Eco-Friendly Mat

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Featuring an absolutely stunning aerial shot of Manly Beach, this yoga mat provides a dose of inspiration and tranquility with every workout session. The Manly Beach Yoga Mat is also designed to become easier to grip with sweat, so there’s no workout or pose too ambitious! The mat is made with absorbent microsuede and 100% natural tree rubber. It includes a strap for carrying and stretching.

The Manly Beach Yoga Mat is free of odour, phthalates, silicone, PVC plastic, latex, and chlorine. The Remy Gerega photograph is printed using water-based inks. Machine wash delicate in cold water. Hang dry only. Mat Dimensions: 61 x 183cm. Thickness: 3mm.

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The Manly Beach Yoga Mat is about as Fit and Australian as they come! This stunning Yoga mat will transport her daily exercise routine right onto the beaches of our beautiful coastline. The Manly Beach Yoga Mat is made of the most up to date quality textiles that are free from odour, phthalates, silicone, PVC, latex and chlorine, so not only are you exercising on the mat with the environment in mind, but the Manly Beach Yoga Mat has a stunning aerial shot of Manly Beach by renown photographer Remy Gerega. No matter your type of exercise, yoga or Pilates, this mat will maintain its beauty and assist in hers!

The Manly Beach Yoga Mat is the perfect Women’s Gift for any occasion!

The Manly Beach Yoga Mat is the perfect size for Pilates, Yoga or her everyday session at the gym, working hard on those abdominal muscles, all whilst looking at Manly Beach! Many women love to be inspired whilst doing their daily exercise routine, whether it be music in headphones or ‘Zenning’ out to their yoga class on the Manly Beach Yoga Mat, this gift will be sure to relax and inspire! The Manly Beach Yoga Mat is a wonderful Women’s Gift for those ladies who are just starting out in their exercise routine or are well and truly into their regime. Perhaps the occasion has arrived for a unique women’s gift, well Everything But Flowers have the perfect idea – The Manly Beach Yoga Mat.

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Yoga is one of the most popular exercise classes and fitness pastimes that we know, so why not send her one of our Yoga Gifts for any occasion – Birthday, Mother’s Day or even Just because! The Manly Beach Yoga Mat will not only impress her but give her the calming visual of Manly Beach while she stretches her way into shape! The Manly Beach Yoga Mat features the crystal clear, calm water wash of Many Beach, Australia and will be sure to take the impact of many future Yoga or Pilates classes to come through its strong and ecofriendly construction. The Manly Beach Yoga Mat is a wonderful Yoga Gift for all ages and comes with some handy care tips to keep the mat durable. The Manly Beach Yoga Mat is printed using a water based ink and should be washed on a delicate cold water cycle in the machine. To optimize your Manly Beach Yoga Mat, after washing, hang dry only. The mat is a comfortable size for all women at 61 x 183cm, and sits at 3mm in thickness.

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