Waterford Marquis Sparkle Crystal Vase

Beautiful Glistening Crystal Cut Pattern

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The Sparkle Vase – belonging to the Marquis range of Ireland’s Waterford Crystal – is a stunning crystal vase adorned with deep intersecting cuts in its exterior. The design captures natural light to create a sparkling effect reminiscent of stars on a clear night.

Waterford was first established in 1783 in the Irish seaside town of the same name. Over the centuries, it has built an international reputation for unmatched quality, precision and craftsmanship, and is heavily sought after by connoisseurs and collectors of fine crystal products.

The Marquis Sparkle Vase is 23cm high and 14cm wide, and is best cared for by gentle hand washing and drying with a soft towel. It comes in a gift box, with premium gift wrapping available at the checkout. Everything But Flowers offers free delivery within Australia on all orders of more than $99.

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