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This gorgeous set of glass storage canisters offers versatility and beautiful styling for the home. Made from clear glass, with Beech Wood lids, each canister lid has a silicone seal feature to help keep things fresh inside.

With three sizes included in the set, there’s the perfect canister for every need, including a 1 litre canister, 750ml and 540ml canister. Don’t just limit this gorgeous set to the kitchen, they are also great for use in the bathroom, bedroom or even to store trinkets in the living area. We offer free delivery Australia-wide at Everything But Flowers, so take advantage of our huge giftware range and make someone’s day as special as can be.

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Storage-Friendly Gifts for Women!

Do you need to buy a gift for a woman who has a lot of stuff? Want to buy something she can use, instead of something that clutters her home even more? Check out the storage-friendly gifts for women now available at Everything but Flowers.

What Is the First Storage-Friendly Gift I Could Get for My Recipient?

To ensure your gift is storage-friendly, you could gift storage itself! There are many such options available at Everything but Flowers; this includes our Pantry Glass Storage Jars.

The Pantry Glass Storage Jars are made to provide kitchen storage, but they can have some applications in other rooms of the house as well. Each of the jars contains a silicone seal and a wooden lid; this ensures the jars are suitable for the storage of sugar, salt, and even sweets.

Given the nature of the Pantry Glass Storage Jars, these beautiful jars are most suitable for women who like functional decorations or women who spend most of their time in the kitchen. Of course, it could also make a lovely housewarming party for a couple!

What Is the Second Storage-Friendly Gift I Could Get for My Recipient?

A nice purse, handbag, or clutch also goes down well in the storage department, especially where your recipient’s mobile storage needs are concerned! At Everything but Flowers, customers can find a large range of designer clutches, handbags, and purses, all made with the finest materials.

One of the storage-friendly clutches that is popular among female recipients is the ‘Beyond Midnight’ Black Clutch with Monogram. The clutch is made from the finest leather, guaranteeing a lengthy lifespan and a lot of carrying strength. Of course, this clutch can be personalised with your recipient’s monogram, making it suitable for even the most sentimental special occasions.

What Is the Third Storage-Friendly Gift I Could Get for My Recipient?

Is your recipient an avid tea drinker, but does she always misplace those tea bags or tea leaves? Look no further for her perfect gift because our Acacia Wood Tea Box will be the perfect addition to her home.

As the name of this product already indicates, the Acacia Wood Tea Box is made from durable acacia wood. It contains six compartments and measures a decent 25 cm x 18.5 cm x 9 cm, enabling her to store loads of tea.

Considering the size and the design of the Acacia Wood Tea Box, you will find that this box is often used for other purposes. Some recipients use it to store their jewellery such as rings and earrings, while others simply use it for the trinkets they cannot find a place for. It does not get more storage-friendly than that.

What Is the Fourth Storage-Friendly Gift I Could Get for My Recipient?

Some of our storage-friendly gifts get incredibly creative, just look at our Extra Large Bedside Gadget Pocket. Say goodbye to losing remotes, tablets, or even your cell phone, because this handy gadget keeps it all within arm’s length!

The Extra Large Bedside Gadget Pocket is designed to hang on the side of the bed or the sofa, depending on which one your recipient prefers. It’s extra large size ensures there is enough space for those magazines and remotes, while still providing room for your tech such as tablets and cell phones. So, if your recipient desperately needs a good storage option for her living room, the Extra Large Bedside Gadget Pocket is always a good choice.

What Is the Fifth Storage-Friendly Gift I Could Get for My Recipient?

Are you looking for something a little funnier where storage solutions are concerned? We have several novel ideas for you, including our Dino Case!

The Dino Case is commonly used as a lunchbox by both children and adults. The entire case is made from food-safe plastic, enabling you to store your lunch or drinks in the case without much problems.

To open the Dino Case, your recipient must open the mouth of the dinosaur, and let’s face it, that is quite funny on its own. Of course, the funny nature of the Dino Case does not mean it is not functional. Quite the opposite, because this conversation piece will ensure her lunch is always guarded!

Where Can I Find More Storage-Friendly Gifts for My Recipient at Everything but Flowers?

The Everything but Flowers catalogue is packed with storage-friendly gifts, so if you need additional inspiration, we certainly recommend checking out our ‘women’ catalogue. You can easily access this section of our catalogue by clicking on the link in the main menu.

Need some unique ideas and no time to browse the catalogue? Get in touch with the experts at Everything but Flowers and get some storage-friendly recommendations for your recipient. Our team will be more than happy to help!