Entertainers Round Bowl

Perfect For Salads, Pastas & Rice

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Offering a classic and elegant look, this entertainers round bowl will bring added beauty to any table setting. Ultra-chic with a contemporary flair, it is the perfect dish for serving salads, pasta and rice dishes at a dinner party or reception.

All grey, it will complement any décor or party theme. Part of the Taste collection by Davis & Waddell, it offers a smart design that will please even the pickiest party guests. Buy this entertainers round bowl today to celebrate a birthday, housewarming or wedding. Pair it with the round and rectangular platters from the collection to make a lovely gift set.

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Premium Presents for Entertainers Available at Everything but Flowers!

Entertainers have one goal, throwing the best parties and get-togethers for friends and family. If you need a present for this type of recipient, it is certainly a good idea to look at things the entertainer could use. To help you on your way, we have created an overview of our best entertainer presents. So, if you need a good present for an entertainer, be sure to check out the suggestions below.

What Is the First Premium Present for the Entertainer?

One premium present for the entertainer is the Entertainers Round Bowl. The Entertainers Round Bowl is made to hold a variety of dishes; this includes anything from salad and pasta to rice and snacks.

The Entertainers Round Bowl will fit any table setting thanks to its contemporary flair and simple design. The creators of this bowl, Davis & Waddell, made this bowl from the finest ceramic, so the entertainer can get years of use from this bowl.

What Is the Second Premium Present for the Entertainer?

Adding to the recipient’s cooking and party snack preparation skills will be appreciated as well, so customers could certainly choose one of the many cooking experiences available at Everything but Flowers.

One of the cooking experiences that is perfect for an entertainer is the Mozzarella, Bocconcini & Burrata Course, which takes place in Western Australia. During this class, your recipient will learn how to make three classic Italian cheeses. Since cheese is a common occurrence during parties and get-togethers; this should certainly contribute to the parties of your recipient.

With the skills learned during the Mozzarella, Bocconcini & Burrata Course, your recipient will be able to create the best homemade pizzas. If your recipient values her dinner parties and likes to delight families and friends with her own creations, this is certainly a class she cannot miss out on.

What Is the Third Premium Present for the Entertainer?

A nice present for an entertainer could also include a lovely selection of nibbles. One such a selection of nibbles, which can be served during a party, is the Ultimate Foodies with Shiraz Hamper.

The Ultimate Foodies with Shiraz Hamper includes countless Australian gourmet delights; this includes a Trentham & Tucker cake, Cape Mentelle Shiraz, Kalamata Olives from Kangaroo Island, and many other fun party nibbles.

Everything but Flowers offers many other gift hampers filled with outstanding nibbles and snacks. So, if this is something the entertainer might need for her upcoming party, be sure to check out the other gourmet entertainer hampers in our online catalogue.

What Is the Fourth Premium Present for the Entertainer?

An entertainer will certainly appreciate an experience that takes place outside of her home, especially if she can add to her entertaining skills. There are many other cooking classes you could consider, including the Spanish Tapas Cooking Class in Brisbane.

The Spanish Tapas Cooking Class in Brisbane takes approximately three hours. During the class, recipients can learn more about creating the perfect tapas. Since tapas are served regularly during a party, it is certainly a skill that can contribute to the recipient’s cooking skills.

Our Spanish Tapas Cooking Class in Brisbane includes tapas from various Spanish regions. Participants experiment with saffron, black pepper, truffle oil, chorizo, butterbeans, and other ingredients that make Spanish tapas unique.

Each participant gets to create and sample a seasonal menu with Spanish tapas. Of course, since it is a seasonal menu, the tapas your recipient will create heavily depend on the time of year. Still, no matter which time of year your recipient attends the experience, she is going to get a lot of new knowledge to benefit her entertaining parties.

What Is the Fifth Premium Present for the Entertainer?

There is a variant of the Spanish Tapas Cooking Class we also recommend for the entertainer, more specifically the Taste of Mediterranean Class in Brisbane. The class will enable your entertainer to serve some interesting Mediterranean appetisers and meals, so she is bound to learn something valuable.

The Taste of Mediterranean Class is also a socially interactive class. If your recipient is a social butterfly, she can even make some new friends during this 3-hour long class. So, if your recipient could use a class that contains some social interaction as well, be sure to get her this experience as a gift.

Where Can I Find More Premium Presents for Entertainers at Everything but Flowers?

Our catalogue is packed with presents that will be appreciated by entertainers; this includes more physical presents, but also more experiences that enable your recipient to learn new skills or make new friends. For a full overview, simply enter the word ‘entertain’ in the search window and hit enter to get an immediate overview of the available present options at Everything but Flowers.