Damselfly Lovely, Life, Dream Candle Gift Set

An Aromatic Trio of Hand Poured Candles

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A beautiful inspirational gift for women that will add a touch of sparkle to her home. Featuring silver foil detail and fun quotes; this set of three candles offer around 18 hours of burn time each, giving her plenty of time to savour the sweet aromas that will fill the air.

From the fun stylistas at Damselfly; this cute candle gift set features three candles in three best selling fragrances. Each candle has its own quote to add some inspiration to her day, and stunning aromas of Amala, Grace and Kenzi.

She’ll fall in love with fragrances that include Lotus Flower, Vanilla Bean, White Musk, Patchouli, Jasmin, Sandalwood and more. Each candle is hand poured right here in Australia and features non-toxic soy based wax and a wick that is totally lead free for peace of mind.

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Most women love a good scented gift, which could include an aromatherapy diffuser, scented candles or even a luxurious perfume. If you are looking for a scented gift for a special woman in your life, please read our overview of suitable scented Christmas presents and birthday presents for women below.

Damselfly Lovely, Life, Dream Candle Gift Set

One of the delightful scented candles that can be found in our range of Christmas presents for women is the Damselfly Lovely Life Dream Candle Set. Each candle in this set is of the best possible quality, because each of them is hand poured to ensure the consumer gets the most out of them.

Inside this Dream Candle Set from our Christmas presents for women range, the recipient can find extraordinary scents such as lotus flower, vanilla bean, white musk, patchouli, Jasmin, sandalwood and other delightful fragrances that can lit up a room. Also, the wax used to create these candles is soy-based, which means it is more environmentally-friendly than the average scented candles found in supermarkets.

Milieu Velvet Rose & Peony Diffuser

Our range of Christmas presents for women also contains several aromatherapy options and one of them is the Milieu Velvet Rose & Peony Diffuser. All aromatherapy carrying the brand name Milieu are made by the Aromatherapy Company, one of Australia’s favourite brands for scented candles, diffusers and other aromatherapy options.

The Milieu Velvet Rose & Peony Diffuser from our Christmas presents for women range is going to be appreciated by anyone, because the scents released by this diffuser are truly delightful. When a recipient receives this diffuser, they can count on a wonderful layered aroma, without all the toxic chemicals you will find in scented sprays.

Wedgewood Gardenia & Peony Candle

Our range of birthday presents also contains aromatherapy and scented candles that were handcrafted; this includes the Wedgewood Gardenia & Peony Candle, which was made with the finest oils and stored in a fine bone China vase that has been hand decorated by an experienced artist.

The Wedgewood Gardenia & Peony Candle can burn up to 30 hours, so recipients will get plenty of use from this candle. Once the candle is burned up, they can reuse the beautifully handcrafted vase, because the exterior of this vase has been adorned with genuine 22-carat gold. In conclusion, this is the ultimate scented candle, not only where fragrance is concerned, but also where presentation is concerned.

MOR Marshmallow Perfume

When you need a good fragrance for your other half’s birthday, be sure to consider the MOR Marshmallow Perfume from our birthday presents range. The MOR Marshmallow Perfume from our birthday presents range is one of the most popular fragrances in Australia, and it is not difficult to find out why!

MOR Marshmallow Perfume from our birthday presents range is the perfect blend of sugar-dipped rose petals, pink musk and cotton candy. It is a playful and youthful scent, which will be appreciated by any woman receiving the fragrance as a gift. So, even if you do not know what kind of fragrances your other half likes, MOR Marshmallow Perfume is a very safe choice.

MOR Marshmallow Duo

If your wife is a big fan of MOR Marshmallow Perfume, then you could make your gift even more special by adding the MOR Marshmallow Duo to the mix. The MOR Marshmallow Duo is a luxurious skincare set containing the Marshmallow body lotion and body wash from MOR Cosmetics.

The MOR Marshmallow body lotion and body wash features the typical Marshmallow fragrance of rose petals, pink musk and cotton candy, but also includes valuable ingredients that may contribute to a more rejuvenated and younger-looking skin. Every woman likes to look after herself, so by adding these two releases from MOR Cosmetics to the mix, you can make sure the special woman in your life gets the high-quality products she deserves.

Orange & Jasmine Diffuser and Candles Set by the Aromatherapy Company

If your wife already has a lot of aromatherapy in the house, then be sure to surprise her with one of the Orange & Jasmine sets from the Aromatherapy Company. Inside this gift set, the recipient will find some gorgeous scented candles, but also the trademarked diffuser from the Aromatherapy Company.

The diffuser and candles inside the Orange & Jasmin Set can really liven up a room, because these summer fragrances make everyone feel happy and energised. The scents are perfect for the living room, but they can also be used to spice things up in the bedroom.

Milieu Vanilla Wild Peach Diffuser

Another diffuser from the Aromatherapy Company with an excellent reputation is the Milieu Vanilla Wild Peach Diffuser, which provides consumers with the most delightful home fragrances, minus the hassle of waxes and open flames. So, this diffuser is the perfect alternative to any woman who does not like to use candles to get a gorgeous scent in her home.

As the name already suggests, this diffuser from the Aromatherapy features some wonderful vanilla and peach fragrances. Because of the summer-like fragrances, we recommend using this diffuser in the living room. However, the peach fragrance could also work in the kitchen. Alternatively, you can also use this diffuser to create a calmer sleeping environment in the bedroom.

Please note that all the fragrances from the Aromatherapy Company, which are available as diffusers, can also be obtained as candles. Therefore, if you want to give your other half a set of a certain fragrance, be sure to look at our entire range before you check out.

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