Louenhide Peppermint Mickey Bag

Cute Matching Cosmetic Bag is Included

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For lovers of modern art, the Louenhide Peppermint Mickey Bag is a work of pure genius. This functional, yet stunningly fashionable handbag is the perfect statement piece for any type of wardrobe. Complement earth tones with the subdued peppermint purse or add some geometric flare to an otherwise delicate and feminine dress. This beautiful handbag can do it all!

And for the woman who prefers her fashion to be functional, this Louenhide bag is spacious and features several pockets in which she can keep items she uses frequently. Oh, and did we mention that this handbag comes with a matching cosmetic bag?

What happens when modern art and fashion meet? The Louenhide Peppermint Mickey Bag is the answer. It’s a marvelous gift for her no matter what the season, occasion, or holiday!

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