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This natural Davis & Waddell acacia-wood recipe holder folds away for easy storage, but looks wonderful on the kitchen bench among other elegant kitchen home wares. It makes a welcome gift for any home cook and doubles as a stand for a small picture. Everything but Flowers has an exciting range of kitchenware gifts that add a touch of class.

Davis and Waddell are masters in creating gorgeous kitchen accessories that not only look amazing; but are functional and fun to use too. Take advantage of our flat rate, Australia-wide delivery and our premium gift wrapping service for the ultimate in gift-giving ease.

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Discover Functional Kitchen Gifts from Our Birthday Presents and Christmas Presents Range!

Many women enjoy being creative in the kitchen, so if you need some birthday presents or Christmas presents for her that can be used in the kitchen, you are in the right place at Everything but Flowers. Below, you will find an overview of our finest kitchen-orientated birthday presents and Christmas presents for her. So, be sure to read on if you need a delightful kitchen gift for a special woman in your life.

The Acacia Recipe Book Holder

One of our Christmas presents for her that has become a classic is the Acacia Recipe Book Holder, a unique kitchen gift that is as functional as it is beautiful. The Acacia Recipe Book Holder from our Christmas presents for her range is obtained from the Davis & Waddell brand. The recipe book holder can be folded up, so you can store this functional recipe book holder away when you aren’t using it. Naturally, this Acacia Recipe Book Holder from our Christmas presents for her range is also made from genuine acacia wood, so this gift is made to stand the test of time.

If you love the Acacia Recipe Book Holder from Davis and Waddell, be sure to consider some of their other kitchen gifts as well. Davis and Waddell makes many other kitchen accessories, so you will never run out of choice.

The Stephanie Alexander Plant Pot Set

Some women like to use fresh herbs in cooking, so it could be a good idea to get your female recipient the Stephanie Alexander Plant Pot Set from our birthday presents range. This set from our birthday presents range consists of three galvanised pots, which are perfect to grow fresh herbs in.

As the name already suggests, the plant pot set was created by Stephanie Alexander, a renowned chef who also tried her hand at designing garden items. Therefore, garden pots are not the only items you could obtain from our range. In addition to galvanised pots, our range also contains the Stephanie Alexander garden tools and tools bag. So, if your recipient loves gardening just as much as cooking, you could consider adding one of these gifts to the mix.

The Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray

Sometimes it is not just about the functional items you have in your kitchen, it is also about functional items you could use to serve your meals. If you rather have your dinner in front of the TV, or in your lounge chair, then you simply cannot miss out on the Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray.

Our Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray is a sturdy construction made from the finest acacia wood. It has foldable legs, which means you can simply unfold them when you want to use it, and fold them when you want to make some room.The Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray is not only a great present for women though, because men know how to appreciate this wonderful breakfast tray as well. Therefore, the Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray is ideal for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas and many other special occasions.

The Soda Crème Milk Bottles with Straws

Everyone knows what a vintage milk bottle looks like, because these bottles have been around for many years. Unfortunately, not everyone get their milk delivered to their home anymore, which means a lot of people must miss out on the delightfulness of a vintage milk bottle. Fortunately, our range contains some vintage milk bottles that can be gifted for special occasions.

The Soda Crème Vintage Milk Bottles are provided in a traditional wooden caddy. The caddy measures 14.5 x 14.5 x 7.5 centimetres, which is the perfect size for four vintage milk bottles. In addition to storage, the caddy can also be used for serving some delightful drinks in the milk bottles, so the possibilities for the recipient are almost limitless.

The Tara Dennis Miller Cheese Knife Set

Anyone who loves to spend their time in the kitchen, is often a big fan of cheese as well. Of course, every cheese lover should have a set of cheese knives, which makes it easier to enjoy the finest gourmet cheeses.

One of the cheese knife sets available at Everything but Flowers is the Tara Dennis Miller Cheese Knife Set. Each of the cheese knives in this set measures 18 centimetres, and is made from the finest stainless steel and aluminium. Of course, to maintain the beauty of this cheese knife set, the cheese knives should always be hand washed.

The Linen Apron with Frill Detail

A good apron is an essential garment for home chefs, which is why we can recommend the Linen Apron with Frill Detail for female recipients who like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The Linen Apron has an adjustable necktie and waste strap, which means the apron is suitable for women of all shapes and sizes.

Naturally, the Linen Apron with Frill Detail is a classic French-inspired garment that provides extra benefits in the kitchen. It protects the wearer against stains, and enables them to keep some of their kitchen utensils on them.

The Linen Apron with Frill Detail can be washed as well, which means this delightful apron can be reused time and time again. Want to buy another kitchen gift that could accompany the Linen Apron with Frill Detail? Be sure to check out the rest of our range as well!

More Kitchen Items at Everything but Flowers

The kitchen and food-related items mentioned above are just some of the options available at Everything but Flowers. Customers can expect other delightful kitchen gifts, which includes but is not limited to a mini breakfast kit, a Bamboo cheese & dip set, Stephanie Alexander kitchen utensils and much more.

Need some help selecting kitchen gifts from our extensive range? Contact the team at Everything but Flowers by leaving us a message on the website. Alternatively, you could also contact us via email or telephone. Our team will be more than happy to make some recommendations.