Ulster Weavers Arts Oven Set

100% Cotton With Perfect Floral Whimsy

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Safety is important in the kitchen, especially around hot stovetops and ovens. With the Ulster Weavers Arts Oven Set, safety and style are one and the same. The set comes with a pot holder and an oven mitt. These cotton kitchen accessories feature a colourful, nature-inspired design with blooming flowers and chirping birds.

Both items in this set are trimmed with green fabric that forms a loop for easy storage. The mitt and the pot holder are 100% cotton and filled with protective poly wadding.

Bring happiness and cheer to your mum’s kitchen by giving the Ulster Weavers Arts Oven Set as a birthday, Christmas, or Mother’s Day gift.

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

Creative Homewares for Women Now Available at Everything but Flowers!

Customers who have shopped with Everything but Flowers before already know that we offer a nice selection of homewares for a variety of occasions. Looking for specific homewares for the creative woman? Check out our suggestions for various special occasions today!

Which Homewares Could I Obtain for the Creative Woman This Christmas?

Buying some homewares for the creative woman means that you must choose something with an intricate design or an inspirational shape. In our Christmas presents catalogue, customers can find several options like this; this includes the Ulster Weavers Arts Oven Set.

The Ulster Weavers Arts Oven Set from our Christmas presents catalogue have an inspirational design. This oven mitt and pot holder from our Christmas presents collection features a nature-inspired design, which includes lots of chirping birds and flowers.

There are more themed homewares like this in the Christmas presents collection, so you can certainly find more options like this if you want to add to your recipient’s Christmas presents this year.

Which Homewares Could I Obtain for the Creative Woman’s Birthday?

Being creative with homewares is difficult, but not impossible with our birthday presents for women collection. When you want to fuel your recipient’s creativity, we suggest creating a wonderful atmosphere in the home. Naturally, you could create this atmosphere with the La Cruz Lavender Cucumber & Sage Candle from the birthday presents for women catalogue.

The La Cruz Lavender Cucumber & Sage Candle from the birthday presents for women range always releases a lovely fragrance in the home, setting the tone for the creative woman who needs some inspiration. The La Cruz Lavender Cucumber & Sage Candle from the birthday presents for women catalogue is suitable to provide an inspirational and relaxing experience for everyone! So, be sure to consider this fragranced candle from our birthday presents collection for more recipients than just the creative woman.

Which Homewares Could I Obtain for the Creative Woman on Mother’s Day?

Creative women love to jot down their inner thoughts in journals, so our suggestion for Mother’s Day is the Kate Spade Coming Up Roses Gift Set, which contains a journal and two Kate Spade tumblers.

The Kate Spade Journal in this gift set is the beautiful “Coming Up Roses” journal. It contains stunning black and white dot internal covers, as well as 168 wood-free pages. The journal could be used for anything by the creative woman, but we are almost certain the creative woman will use it as her diary.

In addition to the “Coming Up Roses”, the set also contains two Kate Spade Blushing Tumblers. The tumblers are characterised by a feminine blush colour and several gold accents, which match the journal inside the gift set perfectly. Since these tumblers can be used to drink her favourite beverage, we are sure your recipient will love them.

Which Homewares Could I Obtain for the Creative Woman on Valentine’s Day?

There are countless gifts for the creative woman on Valentine’s Day; this includes the Kate Spade Rose Gold Notebook. The Kate Spade Rose Gold Notebook offers some of the same features of the “Coming Up Roses” journal, only this notebook is covered with a rose-gold leatherette cover. Still, the creative woman will also get loads of space to write down her deepest thoughts and creative ideas.

Which Homewares Could I Obtain for the Creative Woman for an Anniversary?

For an anniversary, you could choose something creative too. One creative choice from our homewares collection is the Kate Spade Best Wishes Tray. The Kate Spade Best Wishes Tray is a delightful tray with a gold inscription stating, “treat yourself”.

The Kate Spade Best Wishes Tray measures 32.5cm x 20.1cm. The tray is made from a durable porcelain, which means it can be put in the dishwasher when it needs to be cleaned. Of course, this tray can be used for many different things. It could be used to serve some of your wife’ creative culinary masterpieces to guests, or it could be a tray for your wife’s painting supplies. Still, no matter what she is using for, we are sure the Kate Spade Best Wishes Tray will get loads of use.

Where Can I Find More Creative Gifts at Everything but Flowers?

Even though our homewares could provide the perfect creative gift for your recipient, there are many other choices at Everything but Flowers. We even have a section that includes experiences for the creative woman; this includes art classes, jewellery making, and much more.

Do you have a question about any of the creative gifts mentioned today? Or do you need some additional suggestions from our creative presents range? Do not hesitate to contact the Everything but Flowers team for some additional suggestions. We will be more than happy to help!