Stephanie Alexander String Dispenser

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Twine is an essential item for both the garden and the kitchen, which is why this string dispenser will become a much loved addition for those who love to cook or love to garden, or both! Beautifully crafted from wood, with a built in cutter, the string dispenser also features a leather loop for hanging.

This gorgeous range of gardenware features practical and hard wearing items from renowned chef and gardener, Stephanie Alexander. Team this string dispenser with the Garden Kneeling Pad or tool bag for the perfect gift from Everything But Flowers.

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Functional Presents for Her Garden! Get Some Amazing Gardening Present Ideas from Everything but Flowers!

A gardener often need some functional gardening tools that could help her make her garden even better. At Everything but Flowers, customers can find many unique gardening tools, which includes designer option from Stephanie Alexander.

Looking for a unique gardening present for her? Check out our overview of functional gardening presents below to find the best present for your recipient!

What Is the First Functional Gardening Present for Her?

The first functional gardening present for her is the Stephanie Alexander String Dispenser. String is commonly used in gardening. Whether she wants to keep the tomato plants in check or simply needs something to strengthen one of the plants, gardening string always proves useful.

Our Stephanie Alexander String Dispenser makes gardening easier than ever. The string dispenser makes sure the string stays tangle-free, so your recipient does not lose valuable time getting string knot-free. It also comes with its own pair of scissors, so your recipient can start using her garden string immediately.

What Is the Second Functional Gardening Present for Her?

A functional gardening present does not only engulf gardening tools, it can also be a useful gardening book packed with knowledge. At Everything but Flowers, you will find several gardening books your recipient might be interested in; this includes ‘Period Gardens’, a book that features some of the best gardens in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

‘Period Gardens’ features beautiful images of the world’s best gardens, but it is also packed with useful information. It gives gardeners vital information on plant choice, plant styling, and even lists the available landscaping materials and design elements that can be incorporated in her own gardening design.

Even though there are many gardening books in our collection, we always suggest ‘Period Gardens’ first. The book is an essential manual for any gardener; this includes beginners as well as experienced gardeners. So, if your recipient does not own this book yet, it is certainly the recommended choice.

What Is the Third Functional Gardening Present for Her?

Everything but Flowers also has gardening sets, which includes a series of gardening tools. One set of gardening tools you could consider for your recipient is the Stephanie Alexander Garden Planting Set. Inside this set, your recipient can find a trowel, pruners, herb markers, and string. In short, all the essentials required for the avid gardener.

Since the items inside the Stephanie Alexander Garden Planting Set are designer items, customers can rest assured that all the tools are made from the finest materials. For these tools, Stephanie Alexander has used ash wood for the handles and a strong metal for the trowel and the pruners, so these tools are going to stand the test of time.

What Is the Fourth Functional Gardening Present for Her?

Customers can also consider our V&A Gardening Gloves, since every gardener needs a decent set of gardening gloves to perform her hobby. The gardening gloves come in a one-size-fits-all and feature a stunning design based on a William Morris wallpaper.

At Everything but Flowers, customers can find the matching gardening tools for these gardening gloves as well. They also feature the V&A wallpaper design from William Morris. So, if your recipient would like to own the entire set, we can recommend combining both presents for a special occasion.

What Is the Fifth Functional Gardening Present for Her?

There are some functional experiences for gardeners at Everything but Flowers too. One such an experience is the 12-Month Gardening Mentorship. During this mentorship, your recipient will learn everything about organic gardening, so the experience is a recommendation for both beginners and experienced gardeners.

The 12-Month Gardening Mentorship includes start-up planning session, which is a consultation of 100 minutes. During this consultation, the mentees receive a detailed food garden plan, made to fit the space and resources available to them. It also includes four follow-up sessions. Each of these sessions lasts an hour and is given for each season.

We must also mention that the 12-Month Gardening Mentorship includes an unlimited amount of support; this happens through phone or email. For the support, people can speak to their mentor Peter Kearney. So, at the end of the mentorship, your recipient is bound to end up with a stunning organic garden.

Where Can I Find More Functional Gardening Presents for Her?

Everything but Flowers has more functional gardening presents available. We offer more gardening books, tool sets, garden decorations, and countless gardening experiences. If you require more information about our gardening presents, be sure to check out the remainder of our extensive catalogue.

Do you have a question about the gardening presents available at Everything but Flowers? Do not hesitate to contact the Everything but Flowers team via email, telephone, or the instant messaging function on the website.