Macy Bottle Vase

With Flowers or Without, Simply Stunning.

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Capture the beauty of a single flower or let this exquisite vase speak for itself. Measuring 11x38cm, the rustic metal detail and earthy smoke colour tones of the glass combine beautifully to form a display piece that is sure to delight.

We know great gifts for women when we see them, and this vase will be perfect for a birthday, anniversary, wedding gift or housewarming. Take advantage of our premium gift wrapping service to make your gift giving really easy, we love what we do!

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Amazing Home Decorations for Her Currently Available at Everything but Flowers!

When you are in doubt about the present you should get for your female recipient, you could certainly consider one of the stunning home decorations available at Everything but Flowers. We have many options to choose from, including our favourite home decorations below. Check out the overview to find the best home decorations for your recipient’s home.

What Is the First Home Decoration I Should Get for Her?

One of the home decorations that should be on everyone’s shortlist is the Macy Bottle Vase. Decorated bottles have been classic home decorations for many years, but the Macy Bottle Vase is even more special than them.

The Macy Bottle Vase combines vintage and modern flawlessly. The bottle measures 11 centimetres by 38 centimetres and features a rustic metallic detailing. It also has some earthy colours, which is offset beautifully by the numerous glass elements. So, no matter what type of interior your recipient has in her home, the Macy Bottle Vase will look stunning in her home.

What Is the Second Home Decoration I Should Get for Her?

Another stunning home decoration that is currently available at Everything but Flowers is the Amalfi Poudre Candle. The Amalfi Poudre Candle is also a recent addition to the homewares collection of Everything but Flowers, so returning customers should certainly look at this new addition.

The Amalfi Poudre Candle puts all other decorative candles to shame with its outstanding design and incredible burn time. The candle comes in a ceramic jar, which features a stunning black and white design. It also has a burn time of 40 hours, so recipients will get loads of use from this scented candle from our collection.

Please note that Everything but Flowers has quite an extensive collection of scented candles. So, aside from this candle, you can find other scented candles and even aromatherapy in our collection. If you want to enrich your recipient’s home environment with even more scented candles and aromatherapy diffusers, be sure to check out the other options available in our catalogue.

What Is the Third Home Decoration I Should Get for Her?

Our next suggestion is quite an original option, because it is a functional decoration for the kitchen. Even though most people will look for home decorations that are placed in the living room, we can certainly suggest considering the BABU the Toothpick Guru from our kitchen decorations collection.

BABU the Toothpick Guru is more than just a decoration, even though it is made from stunning ceramic and has a design of a meditating Guru on top. No, the Toothpick Guru can be placed on any kitchen surface or on the kitchen table, since it holds onto all the toothpicks!

What Is the Fourth Home Decoration I Should Get Her?

Even though the digital age has reduced the need for a classic wall clock to a certain degree, they do prove useful when you need to know the time quickly, but your phone is nowhere to be found. So, as a home decoration, you could choose a modern wall clock for your recipient.

Everything but Flowers has quite the unique range of wall clocks, which includes the Mr White Wall Clock with a Steel Case. The Mr White Wall Clock with Steel Case features a modern design, consisting of a white clockface and silver accents. Therefore, this clock will look amazing in any modern or a contemporary home.

What Is the Fifth Home Decoration I Should Get Her?

There are more home decorations for the kitchen that you could obtain as a gift. We already mentioned BABU the Toothpick Guru, but you could also choose another functional decoration, the Glass Clip Top Canister.

The Glass Clip Top Canister is a set consisting of four storage jars. The storage jars are usually placed on the kitchen counter and can hold ingredients such as rice, sugar, salt, and preserved fruits. So, if your recipient is quite fond of an organised kitchen, we are sure she will appreciate this set of classic storage jars.

Everything but Flowers also provides many kitchen gadgets; this includes items such as the Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set. If you wish to combine some home decorations with a nice kitchen gadget, be sure to check out the gadgets in our catalogue as well.

What Other Home Decorations Could I Get for My Recipient?

We already provided you with a bunch of ideas, but there is no real limit to the types of home decorations you could obtain as a present from Everything but Flowers. In addition to what we already mentioned, customers could choose trinket trays, vases, wall art, and a whole lot more. So, if you are in need of more inspiration, why not check out all the available options at Everything but Flowers?