L'Esprit Wine Glasses Set

Set of 4 Mid-Stemmed Fine Blown Wine Glasses

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There’s nothing like sipping some wine with a delicious meal or during a party with friends or family and there’s no set of wine glasses more suitable for any of those occasions than this lovely L’Esprit Wine Glasses Set! Made from durable Dutch glass, those wine glasses are guaranteed to serve their purpose for years and to allow you to quench your thirst over and over again. The glasses are dishwasher safe, making keeping them clean as simple as popping them in the dishwasher after the guests have gone home. This Wine Glasses Set is perfect for any wine lover, no matter if they’re a casual drinker or a seasoned connoisseur. Looking for a great gift for someone special? Check out our broad selection of gifts for all ages and occasions here at Everything But Flowers and pick the perfect one; we’ll deliver it for free on orders $99 and above!

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What is included in the L’Esprit Wine Glass Set?

The L’Esprit Wine Glass Set comes with four wine glasses made out of fine blown glass and packaged in an elegant gift box.  Each wine glass has a capacity of 400 ml and can be used with either red or white wines. 

What is the L’Esprit du Vin wine glass collection?

The L’Esprit du Vin collection, which is French for The Spirit of Wine, is a special line of wine glasses developed by famed crystal designer Siem van der Marel in collaboration with sommeliers and wine associations.  Their primary goal was to create the ideal wine glass that can be used for many different occasions.

The larger wine glasses in the collection have a large bowl which lets you gently swirl reds and whites to let them breathe and bring out their flavourful bouquet and enjoy each glass of wine as it was intended.  A shorter mid-length stem also gives each wine glass better stability and handling characteristics. The collection also has smaller 140ml wine glasses which are ideal for dessert wines like Champagne.

Where does the L’Esprit Wine Glass Set come from?

The L’Esprit Wine Glass Set is made by Royal Leerdam of the Netherlands.  The Dutch company has a long history of glass making with its first glass blowing factory established in the 1765.  In the past century Royal Leerdam has been responsible for designing many different iconic wine glasses such as the Gilde and Bouquet series.

All its glassware is made using safe and natural materials such as sand, lime and soda.  The company doesn’t use lead or any other pollutants like those used in crystal glassware.  Using pure glass not only ensures the health and safety of its customers, but also preserves the flavour and freshness of the drinks served in its extensive range of products.

When can wine glasses be an ideal gift?

Wine glasses are great housewarming presents as it can quickly set the person up for a relaxing night of drinking good wine and make their new abode feel more comfortable and complete.  It’s also a great addition to special dinners at home and allows you to better enjoy your sumptuous food with a nicely paired glass of wine.  Using proper wine glasses makes it much easier to appreciate the subtle differences that every bottle of wine has to offer.  The stem ensures that the wine is kept at a proper temperature, while the shape of the glass allows you to properly take in the wine’s bouquet as you tip it over your nose and mouth.

This wine glass set is also an ideal wedding gift for new couples who are just about to start a new life together.  It has the perfect number of glasses for them to make new memories in their new home by inviting treasured friends and family over for a hearty meal coupled with a bottle of fine wine that can be properly savoured.

Wine glasses can also be a great Valentine’s Day gift idea.  Paired with a bottle of fine wine and gourmet chocolates, these wine glasses can make any evening at home much cosier and lets you avoid busy restaurants and crowded streets.

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