Fruity English Sweets Collection

Traditionally Fruity, Always Delicious!

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Share childhood memories with this traditional candy gift set. The Fruity English Sweets Collection features nostalgic candies like sour apples, rhubarb/custard and pattern fruit sweets. Each of these candies is a product of Cartwright and Butler, manufacturers of gourmet and luxurious foods.

Colorful and held in a stylish glass jar, these candies will look beautiful when displayed on a coffee table or desk. The clip-lid atop each jar further ensures the candy stays fresh even after it has been opened. Quality made and beautifully presented, this candy collection makes a great gift for Sweetest Day, Valentine’s Day or other special occasions.

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Why is the Fruity English Sweets Collection a great gift idea?

The Fruity English Sweets Collections is the perfect gift for anybody with a sweet tooth.  These traditional boiled sweets, also known as hard candies, have been well loved for many generations. 

It comes nicely packaged in resealable glass jars so that the sweets are kept fresh and be properly savoured and enjoyed exactly as intended.  Each of the three jars in the collection comes with a different type of sweet, which includes traditional flavours like Rhubarb and Custard, Sour Apples and Pattern Fruit Sweets.

No matter what mood you’re in, these sumptuous sweets will surely make you feel ten times better and melt away all your worries.  Once you pop one of these hard candies in your mouth, you’ll be treated to an explosion of different flavours and textures.  They’re sweet, tangy, creamy and fruity all at the same time. 

People who grew up with boiled sweets will be treated to a lovely nostalgic walk down memory lane reminding them of more carefree and simpler times when a pack of sweets were the highlight of their day.

Where do these traditional boiled sweets come from?

The English Sweets Collection is made by Cartwright and Butler of Yorkshire.  The company has a rich family history of making the finest breads, cakes and pastries from the port city of Hull and selling it all across England dating back to the early 1900s. 

For their collection of traditional boiled sweets, Cartwright and Butler uses classic recipes that have withstood the test of time.  For those who can appreciate authentic flavours, these hard candies are definitely a cut above the mass produced sweets you’ll find in your local store aisles. 

What special occasions would this be an ideal gift for?

Boiled sweets are a traditional holiday treat and are the perfect Christmas presents for your friends and loved ones.  This is a great gift that can be shared with the entire family, as well as any guests that come over to one’s home.  It’s definitely a colourful, cheerful and festive way to celebrate any special occasion.

The Fruity English Sweets Collection is also great pick if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gift that will make her feel extra special.  It’s a unique and very thoughtful way of saying ‘I love you’. 

Need a great birthday gift for your girlfriend or mom?  This collection of traditional English sweets could be just the thing that you are looking for.  These sweet and colourful candies also look great in their special glass jars and can be proudly displayed on tables, kitchen counters or desks.  It can even be enjoyed well after her special day, and you will be fondly remembered for your special gift.  Once all the boiled sweets have been enjoyed, the glass jars can also become a great keepsake.

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