Food Truck Bird Feeder

The Ultimate Gourmet Bird Feeder

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If you dream of running your own food truck, start small with the Food Truck Bird Feeder. We're sure your customer base will be strong, supportive, and loyal. After all, you provide 'Cheep eats on the fly!' And you'll never have to worry about a food truck's nightmare: running out of bean sprouts!

The Food Truck Bird Feeder is ceramic and metal. The metal tray is removable and forms two comfortable perches. The feeder measures 175x155x140mm and is easy to clean.

For hipster robins and foodie finches, only the Food Truck Bird Feeder will do!

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

Uncover Amazing Presents for Her Garden

If your recipient is quite fond of gardening, Everything but Flowers has quite the treat for you. Our catalogue is packed with gardening presents; this ranges from amazing experiences to decorations and gardening tools. Today, we are providing you with an overview of our favourite gardening presents from this catalogue, so be sure to read on if you need more inspiration for your recipient.

What Is the First Present That Could Benefit Her Garden?

A lovely garden with loads of birds can certainly create a delightful environment. Of course, there must be a reason for the little birds to pay a visit to your recipient’s garden. Fortunately, you can find that reason in the Everything but Flowers catalogue, more specifically the Food Truck Bird Feeder.

The Food Truck Bird Feeder is designed to attract beautiful little birds in any garden. The bird feeder is made from a ceramic material and measures 175 x 155 x 140 millimetres. The side of the truck has a special panel, which can be used by the birds to take a perch while enjoying their meal.

Recipients who want more birds in their garden will undoubtedly appreciate the Food Truck Bird Feeder. Of course, the Food Truck Bird Feeder also makes a beautiful decoration in the garden too.

What Is the Second Present That Could Benefit Her Garden?

Some women like to grow their own herbs close or inside the kitchen, this enables them to have instant access to the herbs they regularly use in cooking. Of course, growing herbs usually requires an herb garden or a special plant pot set.

Everything but Flowers provides customers with the Stephanie Alexander Plant Pot Set. The Stephanie Alexander Plant Pot Set consists of three galvanised plant pots, each with a characteristic design. The plant pots also come with a drip tray, which prevent any dirt or leaves from ending up on the windowsill or the kitchen floor.

What Is the Third Present That Could Benefit Her Garden?

A gardener sometimes needs some inspiration to get her garden just right. Inspiration can be obtained from other people’s gardens but visiting all these gardens would take a tremendous amount of time. Fortunately, gardeners can count on unique gardening books, from which they can obtain some serious inspiration.

One of the gardening books that can be obtained as a present is ‘Period Gardens’. The book features the most impressive gardens in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe, so it is bound to leave your recipient with some inspiration for her own garden.

Aside from displaying some of the finest gardens in the world, ‘Period Gardens’ also delivers more information about plant choice, styling, landscaping materials, and even design elements. It also looks as gardening and gardening techniques through history, so any gardening lover will be more than happy to have this book in her collection.

What Is the Fourth Present That Could Benefit Her Garden?

There are some gardening tools you could gift to your recipient as well. Some sets of gardening tools even include designer tools; this is the case for the Stephanie Alexander Garden Planting Set. So, if you are looking for something extremely durable, this set might be the perfect present for your recipient.

The Stephanie Alexander Garden Planting Set contains a trowel, pruners, herb markers, a pencil, and string. Naturally, these are the essentials require to sow some new flowers or to prune the bushes in her existing garden. So, whether your recipient has just started out with gardening or has quite a bit of experience, we are sure she will appreciate the Stephanie Alexander Garden Planting Set.

What Is the Fifth Present That Could Benefit Her Garden?

There are more gardening tools from Stephanie Alexander that could be considered by customers; this includes the Stephanie Alexander Deluxe Garden Tool Set. Containing a trowel and a 3-tine fork, she will be happy if she can add these designer tools to her gardening collection.

The trowel and fork inside this gardening set are perfect for weeding, planting, and even herb picking. Each tool has a long lifespan too, since each tool is made from durable materials such as ash wood and a gold-tone metal. So, with these tools, she will be able to garden for a long time to come.

Where Can I Find More Presents That Could Benefit Her Garden?

Everything but Flowers has a lot more gardening presents than the ones described in this overview. In our extensive catalogue, customers can find gardening experiences, more gardening tools, and countless informative books on gardening. So, if you find yourself needing more gardening presents or more gift ideas, simply head over to our gardening section to find the perfect present for your recipient.

Could you use some personal gardening recommendations for your recipient? Get in touch with the Everything but Flowers team for some gift advice.