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From the makers of Davis & Waddell comes another brilliant product; the Fresh Electric Personal Blender. This product allows for the creation of all different types of drinks, smoothies, protein shakes and even soups with the simple twist .

A practical and useful gift that any active and fit individual would love to get their hands on! This product comes with a 400 ml cup and a matching lid that is perfect for travel with no spills! Don't be bothered by an on/off button - simply twist to turn on and twist to turn off. A great addition to any home kitchen that will leave them wondering how they survived without it!

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Do you know how to make a delicious, nutrient-rich smoothie?

Cold smoothies make great summertime treats. But smoothies can be so much more than treat for your sweet tooth. They can be a great way to add extra protein and vitamins into your diet.

Today, were here to help you take your smoothies to the next level! Once youve read through our tips, youll be ready to use the David & Waddell Electric Personal Blender, just one of the great gifts for women youll find at Everything But Flowers.

How can you add protein to your smoothie?

An easy way to add protein to your smoothie is to use protein powder. However, there are even better or more natural ways to add protein to your favourite fruit drink. Greek yogurt and cottage cheese are both wonderful choices. For one smoothie, add cup yogurt or cottage cheese to your Electric Personal Blender. Both will give your smoothie a nice creamy texture. If you want to avoid dairy products, add almonds or tahini paste instead.

Want to sneak in some extra nutrients?

Now that youve got some extra protein, why not add a little extra iron? Believe it or not, you can sneak in some iron-rich greens without changing the flavour of your smoothie. Kale, for example, is high in iron and calcium. Add a cup of this super-green before blending, and your smoothie will give you that extra iron-boost you need!

Add fiber and omega-3 fatty acids with a few tablespoons of flax seeds or chia seeds. Browse Everything But Flowers for great gifts for women, like measuring cups and measuring spoons.

What should you use to sweeten your smoothie?

Now that youve made your smoothie super healthy, picking out a healthy sweetener is important. Avoid refined sugar. Instead, look for healthier alternatives. Unheated and unfiltered honey is a great choice. Raw honey has antioxidants and a variety of other minerals. Its even antimicrobial!

If honey isnt your thing, there are still some great choices to choose from. Blackstrap molasses or maple syrup will sweeten your smoothie, while offering additional nutrients. Blackstrap molasses, the byproduct of processing cane sugar, is a thick, black syrup. It can be quite high in iron, B6, and several other important nutrients.

Once your smoothie is sweetened, its time to pour it into a some beautiful new glasses, available at Everything But Flowers from our selection of gifts for women.

What now?

Now that you know how to make a super healthy, delicious smoothie, get out the Electric Personal Blender and get to blending! Or give the personal blender to the smoothie-loving lady in your life. Everything But Flowers is here to help you find great gifts for women.

And among our many great gifts for women, youll find recipe books that can help you find smoothie inspiration.