Alpine Canister Kitchen Set

A Stylish Trio Featuring Sealed Bamboo Lids

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Davis and Waddell kitchen giftware is some of our favourite here at Everything But Flowers, but just look at this stunning canister set and you’ll know why. Featuring simple styling that’s totally practical, each Davis & Waddell homewares gift helps enhance people’s lives with beauty and functionality.

This gorgeous trio of kitchen canisters is finished in a crisp white and features an embossed label so there’s no confusing canister contents. There’s also a stylish bamboo lid featuring a seal to keep things air tight and fresh.

Each canister measures 10cm x 10.5cm x 13cm making it practical to leave on the kitchen bench for everyday use while looking great. When it comes to gifts for the home, it’s always important to choose pieces that offer a neutral style and clean elegance, which is exactly why these canisters make the perfect kitchen gift for someone special.

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Discover Functional Presents for Women for Special Occasions

Is your other half someone who prefers functional gifts over the usual jewellery, handbags or  cosmetics she receives as presents? If so, we can recommend having a look at the functional presents for women below, which includes some wonderful birthday presents and suitable Christmas presents for her holiday season. Still, no matter which one of our presents for women you choose, they will always be greatly appreciated.

The Alpine Canister Kitchen Set

The Alpine Canister Kitchen Set is the perfect Christmas present for a woman who prefers functional gifts above everything else. The Alpine Canister Kitchen Set from our Christmas presents range contains a set of three kitchen canisters, each with a crisp and sleek design. Each of the canisters is covered with a lid made from genuine bamboo wood, so these canisters from our Christmas presents range are built to stand the test of time.

Canisters from our Christmas presents range measure 10 x 10.5 x 13 centimetres; this is a size that gives users a lot of room to store important stuff, but they remain compact enough to store on the kitchen bench for decorative purchases.

The Stephanie Alexander Plant Pot Set

We hate to admit it, but even the Everything but Flowers team have their favourites. One of our favourite presents for women is the Stephanie Alexander Plant Pot Set, a gift set containing beautiful plant pots and a drainage tray that have been designed to perfection.

The Stephanie Alexander Plant Pot Set is a popular gift for Mother’s Day, but it is also popular amongst our range of birthday presents. So, if you still need some functional birthday presents for mum, be sure to consider this extraordinary plant pot set.

The Milieu Velvet Rose & Peony Diffuser

In our range of birthday presents for women, we also have aromatherapy. One of these aromatherapy products is the Milieu Velvet Rose & Peony Diffuser, an excellent choice for women who like to smell a nice fragrance in their home, and want to benefit from the relaxing properties of aromatherapy at the same time.

The Milieu Velvet Rose & Peony Diffuser from our birthday presents for women range features an elegant and layered fragrance, which can fill up any room perfectly. Naturally, we have other fragrances as well, which match every season of the year. So, if this fragrance does not match the current season, be sure to have a look at the other fragrances that are possible at Everything but Flowers.

The Stephanie Alexander Garden Planting Set

When you need something functional for your kitchen or garden, it is always a good idea to look at the Stephanie Alexander Range. In addition to the cleverly designed plant pots we mentioned earlier, customers can also choose the Stephanie Alexander Garden Planting Set, which contains everything the aspiring gardener needs.

Inside the Stephanie Alexander Garden Planting Set, customers will find a functional trowel, pruners, herb markers, string and a pencil for marking. The handles of the pruners and trowel are made from durable ash wood, while the remainder is made from a durable type of stainless steel. In conclusion, you simply cannot afford to miss this outstanding quality gift set!

The Chateau Spill Wine Stain Remover

The following functional gift may seem like a bit of a joke, but once you pass the original giggles, you will find that this wine stain remover is more functional than most items you can buy from any gift store, because if you spill some red wine on yourself, this wine stain remover will come to the rescue.

Our Chateau Spill Wine Stain Remover is a professional-grade stain remover. It is also a 100% biodegradable, which is good to know if you need a present for a recipient who is very environmentally-conscious.

The Chateau Spill Wine Stain Remover can remove persistent stains from most clothing items, but also bed linen, sofa and carpets. Therefore, we certainly recommend this option from our gifts range, because nothing beats the Chateau Spill Wine Stain Remover where functionality and usefulness are concerned.

The Tara Dennis Serving Plate

Need a present for someone who loves to entertain, but also someone who does not like presents that aren’t functional? Then you are in luck, because the Tara Dennis Serving Plate provides you with everything you need for a lovely surprise.

The Tara Dennis Serving Plate features a design that is inspired by a south sea paradise. It counts a total of two tier servings trays, which can be used to serve biscuits, cakes and nibbles during a special occasion or party. In conclusion, a must-have for anyone who entertains on a regular basis.

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Tool Set

Our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Tool Set could be another great addition to your recipients kitchen. Inside this  gift set, recipients will find a high quality whisk, spoon and two spatulas that already guarantee a lot of cooking fun.

The kitchen tools inside this set are all made from durable materials; this includes FDA silicone, stainless steel and natural wood. Thanks to these durable materials, your recipient will be able to enjoy her new kitchen tools for a long time to come.

More Functional Gifts at Everything but Flowers

Haven’t found the perfect functional gift for your recipient yet? Then be sure to head over to our main range of gifts to look at some other options. Everything but Flowers has a large range of useful items for every room in the house, whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or even your garden.

Do you need some help deciding on what present may be suitable for your recipient? Then be sure to take advantage of the free advice available from the Everything but Flowers team. Simply contact our team via telephone or email and get the perfect gift recommendations for a special occasion.

Rather give a voucher than a physical gift? Head over to our voucher range now to find a voucher that matches your budget, and give your recipient the ultimate gift from Everything but Flowers – the freedom to buy whatever she wants!