Condiment Bowl Set

Safe for the Dishwasher, Microwave, and Oven!

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From Davis and Waddell’s stylish and refined Lindrum range, comes these fabulous condiment bowls; available here in a set of three. Their neutral tone and understated sophistication goes great with just about any décor – an ideal gift for families and housewarming parties!

Each bowl measures 145 mm (diameter) by 45 mm (height), and comes in a matte grey/stoneware hue. Made out of premium durable porcelain, they can be safely used in the oven, microwave, or dishwasher, for unbeatable convenience and longevity!

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Classy Homewares She Will Love to Receive as a Present

Don’t know what to buy for a female recipient, but does she take great pride in her home? We might have the perfect recommendations for you, which can be found in our homewares catalogue. Below, we have created an overview of our best homewares, so be sure to read on if you find yourself in need of some gift inspiration.

What Is the First Homeware Present She Will Love to Receive as a Present?

Our first suggested homeware present is our Condiment Bowl Set. Let’s face it, someone who takes pride in their home and loves to entertain can always use some condiment bowls. They always prove useful, so this could be the perfect present for your recipient.

The Condiment Bowl Set consist of three identical bowls, designed by popular brand Davis & Waddell. Each of the condiment bowls measures 4.5 centimetres by 14.5 centimetres, leaving a lot of space for nuts, crisps, or even some dips for those nachos!

Every bowl in the Condiment Bowl Set is dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe; this provides your recipient with plenty of options where preparation and maintenance are concerned. So, if she is an entertainer, be sure to pick up some of these delightful bowls from our homewares catalogue.

What Is the Second Homeware Present She Will Love to Receive as a Present?

Another popular homeware present from Everything but Flowers is the Wedgwood Intaglio Keepsake Set. The keepsake set consists of a beautiful trinket box and a vase, which your recipient will undoubtedly find a use for.

The trinket box and vase inside the Wedgwood Intaglio Keepsake Set are both made from a white bone china. Each of the items features a classic contemporary pattern, which ensures the trinket box and vase will look stunning in any home interior.

What Is the Third Homeware Present She Will Love to Receive as a Present?

Popular homewares are not always limited to vases, trinket boxes, and bowls, since there are also some popular gadgets in our catalogue. One of our most popular gadgets is the Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set, a gadget that can add a smoky flavour to any ingredient.

The Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set is another creation from Davis & Waddell. The gadget can add a smoky flavour to your recipient’s chosen ingredient in as little as two minutes and it can be used on anything from main meals to desserts.

Using the Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set is easy. Simply place the ingredient (or meal) you want to add a smoky flavour too in a deep container, zip lock bag, or another suitable item. Then, place the extension of the smoker into the container and wait two minutes for the smoky flavour to seep in. It is as simple as that.

What Is the Fourth Homeware Present She Will Love to Receive as a Present?

Some indoor gardening tools and sets prove popular with recipients as well. A great suggestion from this range is our Stephanie Alexander Plant Pot Set. The Plant Pot Set consists of three pots and a drip tray, designed to grow herbs in the convenience of her home.

The galvanised plant pots and tray of the Stephanie Alexander Plant Pot Set are commonly used on the kitchen windowsill. The plant pots are perfect for herb growing, while the drip tray prevents any water, dirt, or leaves from ending up on the windowsill or floor. So, if your recipient likes to work with fresh ingredients, we are sure she will appreciate this plant pot set for her herbs.

What Is the Fifth Homeware Present She Would Love to Receive as a Present?

Our final suggestion is a functional decoration for her living room or kitchen, more specifically the Copper Wine Bottle Holder. With this Copper Wine Bottle Holder, she can display her valuable bottles of wine with the greatest ease, but also gain easy access to them when she fancies a glass of wine.

The Copper Wine Bottle Holder from Everything but Flowers will lay a beautiful decorative accent on her interior, while providing her with some functionality at the same time. The copper plate finish and stainless steel base make this a durable choice as well, so this is a homeware present she will enjoy for years to come.

Where Can I Find More Homeware Presents She Will Love?

To find more suitable homeware presents for a female recipient, please head over to the ‘women’ section on the main menu. Once you are on this page, select ‘homewares’ from the submenu to get a complete overview of available homeware presents for female recipients.

Need some help finding the perfect homeware present for your recipient? Or do you have a question about one of the homewares we offer? Get in touch with our friendly representatives for more information.