White Raindrops Cosmetic Bag

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Beauty and Louenhide go hand in hand and this White Raindrops Cosmetics Bag proves it! She’ll thank you for the gift of style as she conveniently carries her makeup and toiletries on the go with this perfect bag.

Whether it’s a weekend away or just for quick touch ups at the office, she’ll use this little bag all year round. We love the matching twill lining with flat internal pocket and secure zip closure to keep everything safe and right where she needs it.

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Fashion Accessory Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day gives us the opportunity to show our mothers how much we love and appreciate them. And what better way to show your appreciation than with the perfectly chosen Mother’s Day gifts? After all, the perfect present is found by truly understanding the gift recipient. This year, show your fashion-forward mum that you know exactly what she wants.

This will become your mum’s must-have travel companion!

For trips both long and short, it’s nice to freshen up with a coat of lipstick and a bit of powder. That’s why jet-setting mothers understand the necessity of a good cosmetics bag. Our LOUENHIDE Navy Cosmetics Bag keeps all of your mum’s beauty products in one safe, stylish place. It’s a great Mother’s Day gift for travellers.

It’s multi-purpose too.

Our LOUENHIDE Navy Cosmetics Bag is great for carrying toiletries, but this stylish bag can double as a clutch. The beautiful navy blue and white two-tone design matches a wide array of outfits. So it’s perfect for an elegant night on the town. And for the mum who carries very little, this cosmetic bag/clutch is an appropriate size. It’s big enough to carry necessities, but not so big that it’s cumbersome. Your mum can even bring it to her Mother’s Day celebration!

LOUENHIDE offers everyday fashion and grace.

Browse our LOUENHIDE products and you’ll find interesting colours and elegant designs. The beauty and fine craftsmanship of our LOUENHIDE Navy Cosmetics Bag are only matched by its usefulness. Whether your mum chooses to use it as her must-have travel companion or as an adorable clutch, she will absolutely love this Mother’s Day gift.

How to take care of a LOUENHIDE bag

Your mum’s LOUENHIDE bag will soon become her favourite travel or outfit accessory, so we have some tips for keeping this Mother’s Day gift in tip-top shape. Your mum should clean out her Navy Cosmetics bag regularly. To remove unwanted smells, LOUENHIDE recommends throwing a handful of coffee beans into the bag. The coffee beans will absorb bad odours, leaving your mum’s cosmetic bag smelling fresh and clean yet again.

If dirt and dust collects on the exterior of the Navy Cosmetics Bag, just use a damp cloth to remove the grime. Before treating any stains, test a small, inconspicuous piece of fabric. Avoid placing pens and sharp objects in your bag.


Only nine years ago, Lou Kendell and Heidi Bailey began this elegant and stylish brand. Their humble beginnings as a Brisbane-based boutique brand quickly grew into something much bigger - a brand that would become well-known throughout Australia for their fine craftsmanship, style, and affordability.

You’ll notice as you become familiar with LOUENHIDE and their products, that their style is lovely and distinct. By mixing classic styles with modern sensibilities, they create Mother’s Day gifts worthy of a modern, fashion-forward mum!