Wedgwood Cornucopia Earl Grey Candle

A Familiar Combination Of Lemon And Bergamot

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Drinking Earl Grey tea morning, noon, and night may sound like a dream, but all that caffeine might keep you up. So if you love the smell of Earl Grey, but also love sleep, this Wedgwood Cornucopia Candle is just what you need. Made with lemon and bergamot oil, the scent is soft and subtle. It fills the room with a refreshing fragrance without being overwhelming. Burn time for this candle is approximately 30 hours.

When the candle is spent, use the vase as a decorative container. Between 22-carat gold trim, you’ll discover a classic and beautiful design unfolding. With blooming blue flowers and playful cream rabbits, it’s sure to become a favourite in your home. The vase measures 9cm in height.

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