La Cruz Lavender Cucumber & Sage Candle

Carefully Hand-Crafted with Soy Wax in Brisbane

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Crisp cucumber, fresh sage, and relaxing lavender come together in this refreshing soy wax candle, lovingly handmade in Brisbane. The La Cruz Lavender Cucumber & Sage Candle comes in a lidded glass jar and has an overall burn-time of about 33 hours. To optimise this candle, it should only be burned for an hour during its first use and less than four hours for each subsequent use. This is the best way to get the most out of this incredible 160gr candle!

This hand-poured candle makes a wonderful present. In fact, it’s one of our favourite candle gifts for women available here at Everything But Flowers! We also offer premium gift-wrapping and greeting cards during checkout, so you can add your own personal touch to this present.

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The Best Scented Candles from Everything but Flower’s Birthday Presents Collection!

Many women like scented candles; this is one of the reasons why scented candles make such great birthday gifts. If you are currently looking for a great selection of birthday presents for a female recipient, be sure to read on, because we are about to list our best scented candles from the women’s presents collection!

La Cruz Lavender Cucumber & Sage Candle

One of the most refreshing scented candles from our birthday presents collection is undoubtedly the La Cruz Lavender Cucumber & Sage Candle. This might not be a common fragrance combination for scented candles, but we can certainly recommend it for anyone who needs a bit more energy and a better night’s rest.

The La Cruz Lavender Cucumber & Sage Candle from our birthday presents for her collection can burn for an amazing 33 hours! Still, if your recipient wants to get even more from this candle, it is recommended to burn it only for an hour when used for the first time. Of course, you can also help your recipient by buying multiple scented candles, or by adding another scented candle from our birthday presents range.

Damselfly Inhale Tacos Exhale Negativity Candle

This Damselfly Candle from our women’s presents collection is much more than a funny message on a candle, because this candle also features a wonderful fragrance!

The Damselfly Inhale Tacos Exhale Negativity Candle from our women’s presents collection features fragrances such as cinnamon bark, creamy coconut, vanilla bean, white florals and light musk. It is the perfect fragrance to lighten anyone’s mood. Therefore, it is a great choice for recipient’s who often deal with a lot of stress.

Jonathan Adler Vodka Pop Candle

You must admit, it cannot get much better than a designer scented candle. Therefore, be sure to consider the Jonathan Adler Vodka Pop Candle from our women’s presents collection as a gift for your female recipient!

The Jonathan Adler Vodka Pop Candle from the women’s presents collection features a wonderful aroma of gin, lime and pink grapefruit. Those with a love for scented candles will also detect some subtle scented undertones of musk, lime and cilantro. This delightful candle can burn for 45 hours, so it will provide your recipient with tons of enjoyment.

Jonathan Adler Bourbon Pop Candle

We already discussed the silver Vodka candle from this designer brand, but we have not mentioned the Jonathan Adler Bourbon Pop Candle! This candle features an aroma of bourbon, cognac, leather and plum, releasing one of the richest fragrances in your recipient’s home.

The Jonathan Adler Bourbon Pop Candle is a soy wax candle. It is presented in a beautiful copper finish glass vessel, which can be reused after the candle has burned up. Of course, copper is also a material that works with any type of interior, so this designer candle will work in any house!

Damselfly Live, Life, Namaste Candle Gift Set

The following scented candles set might be favourited by Australian women who love to do yoga, because this Namaste Candle Gift Set is especially created for them. The candles inside encourage inner peace and confidence, which makes them perfect to combine with a yoga session.

Each of the candles inside this Damselfly Gift Set has a unique fragrance. Each of the candles is also made with a non-toxic soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks, so this set is also suitable for those who do not like unnecessary chemicals in their consumer products.

The Sunnylife Large Watermelon Candle

Some recipients prefer novelty candles over the standard candles in a glass vessel. Therefore, Everything but Flowers has made a large range of novelty scented candles available for those types of recipients.

One novelty scented candle that can be found at Everything but Flowers is the Sunnylife Large Watermelon Candle. The Sunnylife Large Watermelon Candle is reminiscent of the summer and therefore features a matching watermelon scent. It has a fabulous burn life of 30 hours or more, so you certainly won’t regret this purchase.

Aside from the Sunnylife Large Watermelon Candle, there are other novelty candles that your recipient will love. So, be sure to also check out other options in our range such as the Sunnylife Donut Candle!

More Scented Candles for Your Recipient

Have not found a good scented candle for your recipient? Find out more options by heading over to our main range of women’s presents or type in scented candle in the search window to see a page only containing scented candles.

Do you have a question about any of the scented candles we offer on the Everything but Flowers website? Then be sure to contact our customer support team for some additional information. Simply leave us a message through the live chat window or email, or give us a call via telephone!