Recipe Book: Pierre Herme Macaron

By Pierre Herme, beautifully photographed hardback

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What’s not to love about a macaron? It’s light, sweet, and the perfect summer pastry. Pierre Herme, the leader of French pastry chefs, has single-handedly brought the macaron back to popularity. And because of him, this centuries old pastry is now sought after by many and sold in bakeries all over the world.

In his book Pierre Herme Macaron: The Ultimate Recipes from the Master Patissier, Herme shares both classic macaron recipes, like vanilla, as well as more creative flavours, such as wasabi cream with strawberry. With such variety, your kitchen will soon be overflowing with delectable, delicious macarons!

Pierre Herme Macaron offers budding pastry chefs over 60 macaron recipes, all beautifully photographed, and a step-by-step instruction guide for the techniques used throughout the book. For a great summer, Christmas, or birthday gift for the macaron-lover you know, this book should be at the top of your list!

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Give Macarons for Mother’s Day!

For the mums that love to bake and innovate, Pierre Herme Macaron: The Ultimate Recipes from the Master Patissier is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. With numerous macaron recipes, Herme provides inspiration, innovation, and some downright tasty treats.

What is a Macaron?

First and foremost, macarons should not be confused with macaroons. They are two distinctly different confections. A macaron is a centuries old confection, first baked in Venetian monasteries in the 8th century AD. This delectable confections is a simple combination of egg white, almond meal, sugar, food colouring, and flavouring. You can now find a wide variety of interesting colours and flavours, but classic flavours include almond, chocolate, and rose.

Initially, macarons were served one biscuit at a time. But in the 1830s, someone thought to put two macaron biscuits together, combined with a soft filling to create a sandwich. Between two macaron halves or biscuits, you’ll often find flavoured cream or ganache.

Because the macaron has been around for centuries and has traveled far and wide, there are many regional variations on this old biscuit. No matter where you are, the macaron is an iconic and delicious treat. And though these adorable confections may seem intimidating, Herme provides everything your mom needs to master this simple little meringue-based biscuit!

Who is Pierre Herme?

Unless you’re in the restaurant business, you may not have heard the name Pierre Herme. However, it’s a name associated with the resurgence of the macaron’s popularity around the world. From markets in Vienna to cafes in Korea, he’s responsible for the current macaron craze. Help your mother join the tasty craze with this Mother’s Day gift!

He began his career as a world-renowned patissier at the tender age of 14, apprenticing with Gaston Lenôtre. Through a series of formative experiences, Herme developed his style and his commitment to balance innovation with tradition. Though some of his combinations might sound a bit bizarre, he’s always on the search for new flavours, interesting combinations, and inspiring new concoctions, many of which he’s shared in this collection.

More about Pierre Herme Macaron

Pierre Herme Macaron: The Ultimate Recipes from the Master Patissier is packed with both classic and innovative macaron recipes. With 60 recipes to choose from, your mum can whip up a whole bakery worth of delectable macarons this Mother’s Day. Throughout this new kitchen favourite, your mother will find interesting combinations, like rose and raspberry, wasabi cream and strawberry, as well as mandarin and pink pepper.

Your mum can also bake classic flavours like pistachio, dark chocolate, and coffee. After some practice, she may even begin creating her own mouth-watering macaron recipes. This Mother’s Day, liven up your mum’s kitchen with Pierre Herme Macaron, the definitive macaron recipe book by the eminent Pierre Herme.