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Recipes Inspired by Travel and Community

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Food is about community. Neighborhoods often have their own specialities. Cities have a flavour. Countries have a style. Neighborhood by Hetty McKinnon celebrates food, community, and good eating. This beautiful recipe book features seasonal salads inspired by travels through Asia, France, the Americas, and beyond! 240 pages. Dimensions: 27.6 x 21.6.

Everything But Flowers carries gifts for women of all ages, interests, and styles. Neighborhood, for instance, is the perfect present for women who love to cook! Customise a premium greeting card with a personalised message to add a little something extra to this great gift. Greeting card options are available during checkout.

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The Best Books for Women at Everything but Flowers

A good book has always been on the list of best presents for women. Many women enjoy a good read, whether it is a novel or an informative book. At Everything but Flowers, customers can find an extensive collection of books specifically selected for women. So, be sure to read on if you want some good book recommendations for your recipient.

What Is the First Good Book Buy for Women?

Our first recommendation is a unique cookbook called ‘Neighbourhood’. The book is written by Hetty McKinnon and features countless delicious recipes obtained from countries all around the world!

Inside ‘Neighbourhood’, recipients can find seasonal recipes from the Asian, French, and American cuisine. It counts a whopping 240 pages, so there are many things to learn from this book. ‘Neighbourhood’ is not just any traditional cookbook, so a woman with a passion for cooking is bound to appreciate this book for her personal collection.

What Is the Second Good Book Buy for Women?

Another exquisite acquisition for the modern Australian woman is ‘Vogue the Jewellery’.Vogue the Jewellery’ is a hardcover book written by Carol Woolton. It is the perfect book for fashionistas, especially since this book features some of the best jewellery pieces featured in ‘Vogue’ magazine.

Vogue the Jewellery’ contains more than 300 curated fashion photographs. The photographs are provided by Carol Woolton, the jewellery editor for British magazine ‘Vogue’. Inside the book, recipients can find photographic masterpieces from Mario Testino, Cecil Beaton, and Arthur Elgort.

A woman obsessed with jewellery will appreciate this book in her collection. It is also a suitable choice for fashion-conscious women, who love to pair the best pieces of jewellery with current fashions.

What Is the Third Good Book Buy for Women?

Is your recipient obsessed with celebrities, scandal, and gossip? If so, you could consider a stunning coffee table book from our collection, ‘Weddings and Movie Stars’. The book can be seen as a collection of iconic Hollywood couples, which also includes some stories on their wedding as well as some accompanying scandals gossip girls will love to read.

‘Weddings & Movie Stars’ includes countless photographs and stories of Hollywood couples such as Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, and many others. With more than 288 pages to go through, recipients are bound to get their gossip fill with this bestseller from our catalogue.

What Is the Fourth Good Book Buy for Women?

Another unique book from our range of coffee table books is ‘Flower Addict’. The book is a stunning collection of flowers, photography, and even inspiration for florists and gardeners.

Flower Addict’ is a book created by Nicholas Watt. It counts 272 pages, filled with breathtaking floral arrangements. Since one of the contributors to this book is none other than the owner of Grandiflora, Saskia Havekes, even the most experienced florists and gardeners could learn something new by having this book in their personal collection.

What Is the Fifth Good Book Buy for Women?

Many women are passionate about interior design; this because they want to make their home the best it can be. Fortunately, women can get inspiration for their home in many places these days; this includes a book from our presents collection, ‘Rural Australian Homes’.

‘Rural Australian Homes’ is a book that was written and composed by Leta Keens. The book is focussed on country home styles, so readers can expect some stunning country backdrops and a mix of contemporary and vintage designs.

At Everything but Flowers, you can find books that cover other styles of interior design. So, if you want to make sure all interiors are covered with the present you provide, be sure to check out the other detailed interior design books available in our catalogue.

What Is the Sixth Good Book Buy for Women?

An outstanding recommendation for a strong woman is the ‘200 Women’ book. The book is written by Blackwell & Ruth and counts a whopping 395 pages. It includes countless stories of women, which includes portraits taken by award-winning photographer Kieran E. Scott.

200 Women’ could be considered as a sentimental book for a strong and modern woman. It makes a great present for Mother’s Day, but also for other special occasions such as an anniversary. If you are looking for that one special book, you cannot go wrong by choosing this unique book from our collection.

Where Can I Find More Good Book Buys for Women?

Everything but Flowers has an entire catalogue of books, which were specifically selected for female recipients. To view additional options in this catalogue of books for women, simply head over to the ‘women’ section on the main menu and select ‘books’ from the submenu.

Are you looking for a specific book for your recipient? Get in touch with the Everything but Flowers team to find it.