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The Ultimate Visual Journey Of Fun

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This unique illustration book allows budding biologists to explore ten of the world’s diverse habitats through a magical three colour lens. Each side of the lens reveals a host of mysterious creatures hiding in plain sight!

Over 64 pages, little explorers will venture through incredible eco-systems, using their special gadget to scope-out the secret world of flora and fauna. One lens will emphasise the plants, on which everything else relies; another will reveal the animals the crawl, prowl, and stomp around during daylight hours; and the last will illuminate the nocturnal world, which comes alive in the cover of darkness!

Illustrated by design duo Carnovsky and written by Rachel Williams, this book will be both entertaining and educational for kids around the ages of nine to eleven. You’ll know exactly when your gift arrives, with our online order tracking services.

Dimensions: 356 x 305 x 6 mm

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Can you tell me more about the Illuminature Visual Book?

This delightful book offers a secret glimpse into the natural world from a magical three colour lens perspective. You little explorer will adore traversing this fabulous book, and they are sure to be amazed at the way in which this book allows them to see three pictures in one. With flora and fauna, daytime animals and the nocturnal world, all hiding in plain sight. Your lucky recipient will undoubtedly enjoy being able to use the special gadget to explore these worlds from a whole new perspective. Illustrated by Carnovsky and written by Rachel Williams, this 64-page book featuring incredible eco-systems and it would be an excellent gift for an adult or child who admires the natural world.

Who would this be a suitable gift for?

This is an ideal gift for children aged between nine and eleven, and this is the perfect age to appreciate the wonders of the outdoors. Whether you are looking for a birthday gift with a difference, a stocking stuffer for an aspiring adventurer at Christmas, or a treat for any other special occasion, they are bound to appreciate receiving this awesome book. However, this book is not just for kids, and it is more than coffee table worthy. If you are searching for a gift for your mum, sister, daughter, or any other family member or friend who loves natures, then we are sure that they will love the Illuminature Visual Book from Everything but Flowers.

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