Get Gorgeous: Twenty-One Days to a More Beautiful, Confident You Book

3-Week Crash Course on Beauty, Inside and Out

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Style and beauty are personal things. After all, no two women are alike. Get Gorgeous: Twenty-One Days to a More Beautiful, Confident You is all about cultivating personal style and an inner beauty that will shine brighter than any diamond. The book features a 21-day crash course in confidence and creating a strong personal style. Inside, readers will find tips, tricks, and ideas from fashion photographers, makeup artists, and fashion editors.

By talent manager Pascal Loperena and model scout Christel Vatasso. Dimensions: 16 x 22cm. 240 pages.

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Books As Gifts For Women Who Love Style

Style comes in different forms. For some women, style means elegant or high fashion clothes, shoes and make-up. Other women might think of living stylishly through the décor or their home. For others, style means how they live their entire lives. Having a cappuccino and croissant in a beautiful cafe for breakfast can mean living in style!

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Whilst you will know women for whom clothes and furniture are purely functional, so as long as something works, and looks ok, they are satisfied. But you'll also know women who adore clothes, make-up, beautiful objects around the house and love owning beautiful things. So if you're buying gifts for women like this, here are some suggestions.

If you're not sure if a woman is into stylish clothes, just check out how she looks during the day. Generally she'll be well-turned-out; maybe her bag and shoes match, and she'll just look elegant or fashionable. If she takes the time to put herself together like this even during the day – she's into looking stylish!

What To Buy Women Into Beautiful Things

For women who are very visual, we have some books that'll make exquisite gifts for women who love beauty. We've a book by David Downton, who is a fashion illustrator. He has drawn some of the world's most stylish women of all ages, and they're all in this beautiful book. If your female friend loves style and beautiful things, this can be one of your gifts for her that she'll love.

The Get Gorgeous: Twenty-One Days To A More Beautiful, Confident You Book is full of advice for helping skin look better, hair styling tips, clothing advice, and basically helping women who need a little assistance organise their life in three weeks. We have other books with helpful style and make-up hints, which are often great gifts for women who are still young and finding their way.

Books with skin and make-up tips are generally useful gifts for women because most women can all learn helpful tips from the experts! These are often excellent gifts for young women, though often mature women were never taught handy make-up techniques and tips, so they can be useful gifts for women of all ages. Women of style usually enjoy learning new tips to enhance their style, or find out new ways to express their sense of style.

If she loves design, art and inspirational beauty in general, then we have perfect gifts for women like that. We've coffee table books filled with luscious photography that can be admired and read over and over. These are huge books that give a peek into the homes of designers, or rural dream houses. You'll also find similar books about clothes and other style topics that she'll love.