101 Inspirations For Your Journey Book

Inspiring Hardcover by Meredith Gaston

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Life is about much more than just making it through the day. Life is about love and adventure, beauty and curiosity. Artist Meredith Gaston’s 101 Inspirations For Your Journey is all about bringing these back to the forefront with beautiful illustrations and a collection of her favourite inspiring quotes. That’s why this whimsical and delightful book is ideal for anyone, anytime, whether they’re getting ready to make an exciting change or simply want to appreciate life on a deeper level.

Hardcover Dimensions: 15.7 x 19.3cm. 200 pages.

101 Inspirations For Your Journey is an incredible gift for women. It’s brimming with positivity, hope, and inspiration, great for encouraging your gift recipient to make the most of life!

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