MOR Rosa Noir Triple-Milled Soap

Elegantly Aromatic & Gently Moisturising

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Pamper her with the gift of luxury from MOR cosmetics, with the nourishing Triple-Milled Soap from the Rosa Noir Collection. Featuring layered fragrances to delight her senses, and moisturising ingredients to nourish her skin, this beautifully packaged gift for her features an elegant embossed surface to add an extra sense of beauty.

The aromas of Sandalwood, Musk, Rose, Lily of the Valley and Carnation are layered for the ultimate in aromatic delight, and thanks to the triple-milled processing, this soap is luxuriously smooth for extra creamy luxury. With the added nourishment of Shea butter and Vitamin E, she’ll feel pampered and beautiful with the MOR Rosa Collection Triple Milled Soap.

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The Best Cosmetics from the Everything but Flowers Birthday Presents and Christmas Presents for Women Range

At Everything but Flowers, we aim to provide women with the best cosmetics gifts money can buy. Therefore, we often go looking for the latest fragrances, lotions, body washes and even hand cream to delight recipients and give them a lovely birthday or Christmas. If you have been curious about the best cosmetics that could be used as a Christmas present, or as birthday presents, be sure to read our overview below, because we are about to discover the best cosmetics from the Everything but Flowers birthday presents for women range!

The MOR Rosa Noir Triple-Milled Soap

Rosa Noir is one of the latest additions to the MOR Cosmetics range, and we certainly approve of its quality and delightful fragrance! Each product from the Rosa Noir collection, which can be found in our range of birthday presents and Christmas presents for women, is characterised by a smooth fragrance of sandalwood, musk & rose. Therefore, it is no surprise that Rosa Noir products are quickly becoming a favourite for many Australian women.

One of the Rosa Noir products that can be found in our Christmas presents for women range is the Rosa Noir Triple-Milled Soap. The Rosa Noir Triple-Milled Soap from our Christmas presents for women range has an elegant aroma and moisturising properties, ensuring that the skin of the recipient stays in peek condition.

Naturally, the Rosa Noir soap also features that lovely Rosa Noir fragrance we have all come to love, so if your recipient favours products containing scents such as sandalwood, musk and rose, any Rosa Noir product from our birthday presents or Christmas gifts range will be a good choice.

The Louenhide Audrey Pink Champagne Cosmetic Set

What do you buy for a woman that already has all the cosmetics she could ever dream of? The answer is a set of designer cosmetic bags from the Australian design Louenhide. In our range, customers can find the Louenhide Audrey Pink Champagne Cosmetic Bags, which are ideal to store your cosmetics at home or on the go.

The Louenhide Audrey Pink Champagne Cosmetic Set features one large cosmetic bag measuring 29 x 19 x 12 centimetres. This cosmetic bag is most suited to store cosmetics at home, given its larger capacity. Storing your valuable cosmetics in this cosmetic bag has two clear benefits. Firstly, your cosmetics will be easy to find and less likely to get lost. Secondly, the cotton lining on the inside of this cosmetic bag will protect your most valuable cosmetics against common types of damage.

Our Louenhide Audrey Pink Champagne Cosmetic Set also contains a small cosmetic bag that is suitable to store your cosmetics when you are going out, or when you are going on a vacation. The bag measures a reasonable 23 x 14 x 9 centimetres, which means you still have enough room to store your cosmetics, but it won’t take up all the room in your handbag.

The MOR Marshmallow Perfume

One of the most popular fragrances in Australia is the MOR Marshmallow Perfume, which includes scents such as rose petals, pink must and cotton candy. Given the fact that this fragrance is quite popular amongst Australian women, you can find more than the MOR Marshmallow perfume alone, because MOR Cosmetics also released the Marshmallow body lotion, body wash, hand cream and more.

Since MOR Marshmallow is such an irresistible perfume, it is suitable for more occasions than birthdays and Christmas. In addition to Christmas and birthdays, you could also gift this outstanding perfume for occasions such as anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and more.

MOR Marshmallow Duo

If you are considering gifting the MOR Marshmallow Perfume, you may want to gift the MOR Marshmallow Duo as well. The MOR Marshmallow Duo consists of the trademarked MOR Marshmallow body lotion and body wash, each carrying the characteristic Marshmallow fragrance we described earlier.

Naturally, the unique Marshmallow fragrance is not the only reason why you should add the MOR Marshmallow Duo to a special gift, because this lotion and body wash have some skincare properties as well. Each product contains active ingredients that soothe, rejuvenate and restore the natural complexion of the skin. Therefore, the MOR Marshmallow Duo is an ideal gift for women of all ages.

Louenhide Chevron Blue Cosmetic Bag Set

If you want additional options before you purchase a set of cosmetic bags for your wife, fiancé, girlfriend or partner, then we can recommend looking at the Louenhide Chevron Blue Cosmetic Bag Set as well. Like most Louenhide cosmetic bag sets, this set contains a regular size and travel size cosmetic bag, so the special woman in your life can choose which cosmetic bag meets her needs best at a specific time.

Louenhide Chevron Cosmetic Bags are available in different colours from Everything but Flowers, so if blue is not really the favourite colour of your other half, you can get these chevron cosmetic bags in other colours as well.

In addition to the chevron and champagne Louenhide cosmetic bags, customers can find other cosmetic bag options from Louenhide in our extensive range. Still, no matter which bags you choose, you can always trust in the quality and reliability of a designer brand such as Louenhide.

Gift Vouchers for Guaranteed Success

Not everyone is familiar with the personal preferences of their partner, which is no surprise considering most men do not have much interest in cosmetics and female-focussed designer brands. However, not being familiar with the personal preferences of your other half can be problematic if you need to select a good gift. Fortunately, Everything but Flowers can make it easier on you with our range of valuable gift vouchers.

In our gift vouchers range, customers can find vouchers for various amounts. Simply choose an amount that matches your budget and let your other half choose her favourite cosmetics or cosmetic bags herself. In this manner, you are guaranteed to have picked the right present for a special occasion.