Rose Gold Little Dog Ring & Trinket Plate

This Puppy Watches Carefully over Treasures

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This little golden puppy will watch fiercely over rings and jewellery on this delightful ring plate. We know how difficult it can seem to find awesome gifts for teenagers, but who could resist displaying this sweet ring plate on their dresser. A great gift idea for the busy teen who loves bling but needs a place to leave it safely while not being warn; this little dog will serve his purpose well.

With thousands of gifts to choose from, we love finding unique and special items that make gift giving as delightful for the giver as it is for the recipient. With our option of premium gift wrapping and personalised gift card, well carefully wrap and deliver your gift ensuring beautiful presentation to complete your beautiful gift.

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Finding Great Christmas Presents for Animal Lovers

They're so cute aren't they? Adorable puppies, fluffy rabbits, cuddly crocodiles... er... maybe not the latter. Still, just because you can't cuddle them doesn't mean you can't love them! Here at Everything But Flowers we've a herd, a gaggle, a flock of Christmas presents for the animal lovers in your life.

Young children can start building their World Wildlife Fund donation with the adorable Bear Pirate Money Box. That, or begin their career as a money tycoon. Hopefully they don't take the 'pirate' bit too seriously and start plundering people's purses!

Not sure what to get friends and family who have a naughty sense of humour? They'll get a kick out of The Novelty Insulting Parrot. It's motion-sensitive and lets rip with bad language - guaranteed to make people chuckle. However if there are sensitive guests in the house - put it in a cupboard!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenagers Who Love Animals

Perhaps they are also a fan of quirky design, we've a photo frame to suit. It's in tropical pink with two beautifully designed flamingos. We've other animal-themed Christmas presents for the home, including stunning cushions by Emporium with bird designs.

Check out our range of animal books for toddlers. One is a children's classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar's Buggy Book, which has an attachment that clips to a child's buggy.

Book Inspired Gifts for Animal Lovers

Bring them a touch of class with our Cockatoo bookends, finished in fabulous gold with beautifully detailed feathers.

Talking of books, we have one with over 90 photos of an activity all dogs can't resist - sticking their heads out of car windows. It called, funnily enough, Dogs Hanging Out of Windows and it's packed with pooches meeting the wind full-on, their ears flapping and their mouths wobbling like astronauts being launched into space.

Do you know someone who dreams (on behalf of his or her cat, of course) of worldwide internet fame? If so, the book Make Your Cat An Internet Celebrity will show them the perfect strategy to fame.

Grumpy Cat Christmas Presents

Talking of famous cats, for that special someone whose sense of humour touches on the darker side, check out A Grumpy Guide to Life by the very famous Grumpy Cat. We've even a plush Grumpy Cat toy so youngsters can cuddle her with enough love, she might even cheer up (though that's unlikely).

If there are any pet owners you'd like to win over, they'll love you for buying Christmas presents for their pets. The charming Pet Treat Canister is ideal for tasty rewards earned for good behaviour. Of course the pet will demand the treats whether earned or not!

And lastly, give your pet-owning friends something they'll treasure for life. A Photo Shoot Pet Portrait of their beloved animals. These are taken at relaxing studios in Sydney. Unless your friends own a tortoise, in which case you'd be best giving the tortoise a portrait of them, because tortoises can live over 150 years!

Since we love to make your life as easy as possible, we'll wrap your Christmas presents for you and includes a free gift card. Let us know if you'd like this service. Plus you can track all purchases so you know your gift will get there in time. We're so reliable, we've even got Santa's seal of approval!