Fact or Crap Game

The Ultimate Game of True or False!

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In this crazy world, it’s sometimes hard to know what’s true and what’s false. Fortunately, Fact or Crap makes it easy. The game includes 250 trivia cards, each featuring multiple questions that have definite answers. They’re either fact or crap. The game also contains 16 answer cards, 64 rush hour cards, a timer, and 200 Fact or Crap tokens. The colourful tokens are used to reward correct answers and punish incorrect ones.

Fact or Crap ends when either all the players but one lose their tokens or when there are no more tokens to be won. The player with the most tokens is the winner! Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 6cm.

This amazing trivia game is recommended for 3-8 players, 8 years and up. It’s among one of many great gifts for teenagers available here at Everything But Flowers. Keep shopping to find all the presents you need!

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Discover the Best Games for Father’s Day!

When you browse our range of men’s presents for Father’s Day, it is certainly a good idea to check out the games that can be played by the family during this special occasion. These games from our men’s presents catalogue can undoubtedly become wonderful Father’s Day presents, so be sure to check out our recommended games below.

What Is the First Recommended Game for Father’s Day?

One game from our men’s presents catalogue that will keep everyone entertained is the Fact or Crap Game. The Fact or Crap Game from our men’s presents catalogue is suitable for adults and teens, ensuring hours of family fun on Father’s Day.

Fact or Crap from our men’s presents range contains 250 trivia cards. Each trivia card contains multiple questions, which are either true or untrue. The game also includes tokens. The colour tokens are a reward for good answers, while the crap tokens are punishment for bad answers. Naturally, the person with the most colour tokens wins.

The Fact or Crap Game from our Father’s Day presents range is designed for 3 to eight players. So, even if there is a larger family gathering this Father’s Day, the Fact or Crap Game will entertain everyone.

What Is the Second Recommended Game for Father’s Day?

You can choose something extremely creative from our range of Father’s Day presents, especially if your dad is a child at heart. The creative game we are talking about is the Water Wars Pistols Set, which contains two vests and two water pistols.

During a game of water wars, it is the objective to hit the bullseye on the other player’s vest. When water encounters the white bullseye, the bullseye will change colour, indicating a successful hit.

When the vest is allowed to try, the colour of the bullseye will turn back to white. So, when your dad wants to reuse this set from our Father’s Day presents catalogue, he can certainly do so.

What Is the Third Recommended Game for Father’s Day?

Another outstanding choice for dads from our Father’s Day presents catalogue is the Games Room Poker Set. As you may have guessed by looking at the name of this set, the Games Room Poker Set from our men’s novelty presents catalogue provides dad with all the essentials for a poker game.

Ridley’s Game Room Poker Set from our men’s novelty presents collection contains all the poker essentials. It comes with a dealer button, 200 poker chips, 2 decks of cards, and even instructions on how to play. So, even if a family member is not quite familiar with poker, this set from our men’s novelty presents catalogue will teach them without trouble.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Game for Father’s Day?

Want a fun drinking game for Father’s Day? Everything but Flowers has a bunch of options in its men’s novelty presents catalogue, including the Tipsy Tower Drinking Game.

The Tipsy Tower Drinking Game from our men’s novelty presents catalogue is filled with suspense! The aim of the game is to remove a block from the tower without the tower collapsing. However, if the tower does collapse, the guilty party must drink a shot. It’s an outstanding game that can be played by multiple people at once, and it will certainly keep the party going during the Father’s Day celebrations.

What Is the Fifth Recommended Game for Father’s Day?

Looking for something special that will not only provide a fun game to play, but also a lovely memento for dad? If so, you simply must take a look at our Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Cards.

The Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Cards provide your dad with a lovely deck of playing cards, containing 52 cards and 2 jokers. Each of the cards in this deck is covered with a 24 karat gold plating, making each card look luxurious and special. In addition to the gold plating on the cards, the back of each card is embellished with the image of the $100 banknote.

To ensure a special presentation for this deck of cards, Everything but Flowers presents this deck of card in a stunning Mahogany box. So, when dad is not using these cards for his favourite card game, he can keep them safe in this stunning box.

Where Can I Find More Games That Can Be Played on Father’s Day?

Everything but Flowers has a men’s presents catalogue that is filled with special games. Our range contains tons of board games, drinking games, and novelty games, so customers can find more options in our men’s presents catalogue. Simply head over to the “men” section on the main menu to view the available options.

Do you need additional information about one of the games available in our catalogue? If so, please get in touch with the Everything but Flowers team via email or telephone.