Dog Placemat

A thoughtful gift for a new dog owner

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Know someone who's just crazy about their pet dog? Or perhaps it's your dog's birthday and you want to say I love you with a unique pet gift? No matter the reason; this super cute placemat is all about how important pets are in our lives.

Measuring 30cm x 45cm this bone shaped placemat helps contain spills and food scraps making it easy to clean up after enthusiastic eaters.

Crafted in a lovely neutral grey to match any home decor, we also stock dog bowls to match this cute design.

We've got gifts for every occasion at Everything But Flowers; including gifts for dogs, because after all, they are an important part of the family too! 

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The Top 5 Gifts For Dogs

It doesn’t matter whether you are crazy about your own dog or whether you know someone who can’t spend enough time with their furry friend, buying gifts for dogs can sometimes be a difficult process. Fortunately, there are plenty of things out there which you can buy and which will be well received by your pet (and which can also improve your home decor).

Dogs are an important part of the family: make them feel like it with some great gifts for dogs! Our top five gifts for dogs include a wide range of products. Take a look:

1. A doggy placemat:

Is your puppy a messy eater? Do you want to protect your home from the not so nice table manners of man’s best friend? If so, then go for a classy doggy placemat. One great option is the bone shaped Dog Placemat.

This placemat is designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making it one of the best gifts for dogs on the market. It is relatively small, which means that it will fit in the corner where your dog usually eats, but is still large enough to catch any spills while they are eating, making it easier than ever to clean up.

2. Food treats!

Dogs love food, we all know that. It is therefore logical that one of the best gifts for dogs is food. Dog food comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and you are basically free to choose anything that you feel your four-legged family member will enjoy. Consider going for treats which they usually don’t get to eat, as this will be both exciting and a novel experience for them. Alternatively, take their favourite food in a different (and perhaps exotic) flavour - putting a new twist on meal times. Treat your dog, they deserve it!

3. A doggy costume:

Does your dog love dressing up? Do they feel left out on special occasions when everyone else has their special clothes or costumes on? If so, then a doggy dress up suit can be a great gift option. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, meaning that you will be able to find one which suits your furry friend. Try it today and see what they think!

4. A new bed:

Who wouldn’t love to receive a new bed for christmas? Even if it isn’t christmas time, a new bed or some new bedding is one of the best gifts for dogs that money can buy. Go for something which matches your home, which is comfortable, and which is the right size for your dog.

5. A new toy:

What are the best gifts for dogs? Many would argue that new toys is the answer! If your doggy friend enjoys playing outside, enjoying themselves with a new plaything, or simply likes to burn their energy, then get them a new toy to amuse themselves with!