Tiger Tribe Beauty Set

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Talk about pamper zone! Every little Princess is going to enjoy receiving this gift compendium set, which is brimming with accessories and products they are going to love. This Bamboo Beauty Boxset is all about make-up and grooming and this one is suitable for girls aged 3+.

The Bamboo Beauty Boxset includes the box, mirror, two hair brushes, lipstick, perfume, hair aerosol and make-up. It is every little girl's dream-come-true as she prepares to be belle of the ball! Made from eco-friendly bamboo, this beauty set is compact and portable. Just one of more than 1,000 items available from Everything but Flowers.

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Get Dedicated Gifts for Girls with the Presents for Kids Range!

In our range of presents for kids, customers can find many dedicated presents for girls and boys. The Tiger Tribe Beauty Set is one of those dedicated presents for girls and is bound to deliver hours of fun. To learn more about this beauty set from our presents for kids range, and to discover more dedicated gifts for girls, please read our information below.

What Is the Tiger Tribe Beauty Set?

The Tiger Tribe Beauty Set, from our range of presents for kids, is the ideal gift for your little princess. It is a compendium set, filled with accessories and products little girls love! The beauty set is environmentally-friendly as well, because this set from our range of presents for kids is made from sustainable bamboo.

Our Tiger Tribe Beauty Set contains enough stuff to keep any little princess entertained for hours. It includes a box, mirror, two hairbrushes, lipstick, perfume, hairspray and makeup. Of course, all these products are specifically designed for young girls and will not harm or damage their skin.

The beauty set, from our range of presents for kids, is ideal for young girls aged three and up. However, this gift is going to be loved and appreciated until your girl hits her teen years. Naturally, this gift is also durable, so your daughter may be able to pass this beauty set on to her little girl one day.

What Other Gifts Does Everything but Flowers Have for Girls Between the Age of Three and Twelve?

The number of gifts for little girls between the age of three and six is limitless, because Everything but Flowers regularly adds new, innovative and educational products to its range. However, to make the decision a little easier on you, we have created an overview of the most popular presents for young girls in this age range. So, read on to discover all these wonderful gifts!

ABCs of Winnie-The-Pooh Board Book

If you want to help your child learn to read, the ABCs of Winnie-The-Pooh Board Book is an absolute must. The board book features numerous illustrations with lots of bright colours, which makes learning the alphabet a lot more fun.

The ABCs of Winnie-The-Pooh Board Book is a good present for little girls, but also for boys, because this present is suitable for both. Therefore, be sure to add this board book to the shortlist for a special occasion this year, since your child can get a lot of educational benefits from it.

Little People, Big Dreams: Coco Chanel Hardcover Book

‘Little People, Big Dreams’ is a book that was written with little girls in mind. The book tells the story of young Coco Chanel, a girl who grew up in an orphanage and later became a fashion mogul and legend. It was written by author Isabel Sanchez Vegara and illustrated by Ana Albero.

Even though the story of Coco Chanel speaks to adults as well, this book was written with young girls in mind. Little girls can easily follow and understand the story, and maybe dream about a high-powdered job in the fashion industry as well.

OMY Cosmos Colouring Poster

One of the environmentally-friendly gifts for girls is the OMY Cosmos Colouring Poster, which allows girls to explore and let their creativity roam free. The design of the poster promotes fine colouring skills as well, so this game is not only loads of fun, it has some educational value as well.

When your little girl has finished colouring the poster, she can hang it up in her bedroom and have a fun wall decoration to look at when it is time for bed. Of course, there is nothing stopping the proud parents from hanging this beautiful poster in their living room and enjoy the creativity of their daughter.

Sunnylife Kiddy Float Toucan

Some girls love to go swimming and are only happy when they can spend some time in the swimming pool. If your daughter or niece belongs to this category, we can recommend gifting them a Sunnylife Kiddy Float Toucan, a float that will make a visit to the swimming pool even more fun!

The Sunnylife Kiddy Float Toucan is made from durable PVC plastic and has a thickness of 0.2 millimetres. The float is designed for long-term use and includes a repair kit that enables parents to fix their daughter’s favourite float when needed.

Ben & Holly Memory Cards Game

Do you want to stimulate your daughter’s memory? Then you may want to consider acquiring Ben & Holly Memory Cards Game, which is not only good for your daughter’s memory, but also provides her with a lot of fun.

Ben & Holly Memory Cards Game is specifically designed for girls aged three and up. Therefore, this game could be combined with other games from our range that fall within this age range; this includes Peppa Pig Jumbo Wooden Dominoes and the Peppa Pig Colour Stack Game.

Kid’s BFF Jewellery Kit

There are more options for creative girls in our range of presents for kids. In addition to colouring posters, pencils and paint supplies, parents can also find the Kid’s BFF Jewellery Kit in our range, providing you with a wonderful way to promote your child’s creativity.

The Kid’s BFF Jewellery Kit contains stickers, cord, charms, pendants, buttons and other supplies allowing them to create their own charm bracelets, necklaces and other pieces of jewellery. It also enables your daughter to make some handmade gifts for her friends.

More Games & Toys at Everything but Flowers

Whether you want a gift with great educational value, or just a gift that can provide your daughter with loads of fun, you will certainly find it inside our range of presents for kids. Naturally, the presents described above are not your only options, because there are many other gifts available at Everything but Flowers. To see our entire range of presents for girls, and to find the perfect present for your little girl, please head over to our “kids” category to discover more remarkable gifts!