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Being able to capture that perfect moment in time – whether that is of people, a landscape, wildlife or otherwise, marking that point in history while preserving culture, nature and so much more. With technology moving so fast, and cameras being at the tips of everyone’s fingers, it is no wonder more and more people are falling in love with photography.

For people wanting to move from the camera phone to the real thing, and improve their capturing technique a private lesson with professional understanding can be the perfect way. Our Private Photography Lesson – 2 Hours gives one person the opportunity to do that, gaining one on one experience from an expert photographer that has over 13 years of camera experience.

The class itself is flexible, meaning budding photographers can choose to either use their time to capture their very own perfect shots of family and friends or their favourite Perth location with professional guidance, or choose to learn some of the following:

- Learning how to use their own camera and about basic exposure

- The use of and handling of different photography equipment

- Composition for that artistic element

- Landscape photography and wildlife photography

- Photos of people and portraits

- Action shots

- Feedback and constructive critique of original work

Your gift recipient does not have to have any previous photography experience, but they will need to bring along their own compact camera with manual controls, or the DSLR camera, along with the manual if they still have it. The camera battery should be nice and full for its workout, and their memory card should be empty and ready!

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