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3 x 90 Minute Private Sessions

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It’s time to take the leap from the smartphone and into the creative world of beautiful, manually controlled photography! With our Know Photography Course, your gift-ee will enjoy 3 lessons in total, all 90 minutes long. This is the ideal experience for those absolute beginners who have committed to their own professional camera, and are now ready to pursue their love of photography.

The lessons are all totally private – learning in a one-on-one capacity for a faster and more thorough understanding. Each class will be personalised to suit their pace and experience, to ensure they gain a complete understanding of not only their camera, but also composition and lighting for various subjects.

There multiple ways the classes can be structured, for example, each lesson could be focussed on an area of photography, such as travel, landscapes, portraits, and so on. They can begin with a thorough tutoring of their own camera – practising taking photos in manual mode, learning all about ISO, shutter speeds, and F stops in easy to understand language.

To ensure an in-depth learning experience, the lessons will switch between demonstrations and practical, where students will put their new found knowledge into practice, snapping different subjects in each class. By the end of the 3 sessions, they will feel confident in the following:

- Learn to move away from auto mode and use their camera manually

- Photographing differing subjects such as landscapes, portraits and much more

- Learning to select the best point of view for the subject

- Composition

- Understand white balance

- Learn all about lenses

- Natural light versus the camera’s flash

- Auto and manual focus modes

- Manual exposure such as shutter speeds, F stops and ISO

- Understanding motion (freezing or blurring action)

All they have to bring along is their own camera (DSLR or compact camera with manual controls), the instruction manual if it is still around, a memory card, and a fully charged battery! Everything But Flowers experience vouchers are redeemable directly with the experience provider with full details provided upon purchase. Recipients have 3 years to use the full value of the voucher.


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