Introduction to Soap Making, SYD

Say Goodbye To Mass Produced Soaps Forever

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They’ll never need to buy mass-produced soaps again after this amazing hands-on cold process soap making class in Sydney. A creative and fun opportunity to learn from scratch how to use natural ingredients to make soaps right in the comfort of their own kitchen.

No more daunting dreams about a more natural lifestyle and craft ambitions; this class solves it all by introducing the step by step process of manufacturing cold process soaps. Participants will be shown how to make the soaps step by step and then get a chance to participate in making soaps together. The soaps created in the class will be divided evenly so that everyone takes home three types of soap with instructions on how to cut and cure the soap at home.

The class covers step the safe handling practices of each ingredient so that participants can safely make soaps at home. They’ll receive an overview of soap making ingredients they can use including different types of natural oils, colours, mould options and additives such as fragrance and exfoliating ingredients too. Participants won’t be able to only make their own soaps they can also give the resulting soaps as gifts to loved ones and friends too.

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