Watercolour Wishes Floral Arrangement

White lilies, muted pink roses, and purple blooms

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For lovers of impressionists such as Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, and Mary Cassatt, our Watercolour Wishes Floral Arrangement is sure to dazzle and please. Channeling the soft pastels of these and other famous impressionists, this bouquet includes gorgeous pale pink roses, soft white lilies, and a variety of beautiful purple blooms.

The softness of this bouquet is complemented by a square, glass vase. This delicate floral arrangement is appropriate for a wide variety of occasions and gift recipients. Order from Everything But Flowers today to offer your congratulations, to wish your mum a happy Mothers Day, or to simply say hello.

Due to seasonal and regional availability, we are occasionally unable to complete the floral arrangement as ordered. If substitutions must be made, we promise to use similar flowers to maintain the beauty and integrity of the original arrangement. Your order will be fulfilled by a local florist to offer the freshest bouquet possible.

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