Bull Head Wine Pourer

Bulls Head Bottle Pourer by Suck UK

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Here’s a bottle pourer with a difference. Bottle pourers have traditionally been used to create a steady flow of liquor from a bottle when pouring drinks, this bottle pourer will also be used to create some fun vibes and laughs with friends. With the flow of liquid coming straight out of the bulls mouth, the flow of liquor creates an interesting image to say the least. Not just to be used for spirits but can be used a top of vinegar or dressing bottles for on the lunch table, olive oil bottles and of course on good old wine.

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Father's Day Gift Ideas for Wine and Beer Lovers

Make his tipple even more enjoyable!

People who have a special passion love anything related to it. People who love wine will enjoy gifts that relate to their favourite drink. If you're looking for Father's Day gift ideas, and your Dad appreciates the finer drinks in life, then here at Everything But Flowers we're only too glad to help.

Wine and beer accessories Father's Day gift ideas

The Bull Head Wine Pourer fulfils a few roles. It looks great so your Dad will love looking at it, and showing it off to his guests. It ensures the wine pours steadily from the bottle, rather than shoot out and miss the glass (always a danger when the wine has been flowing for a while!), and when your looking for Fathers Day gift ideas – here's one that's perfect for Dads who love wine, so it's doing you a favour too!

Wine can be a tricky drink. It needs to be served at the correct temperature, whether it's red or white. Champagne needs to be chilled, and if you stick in the freezer to make it chill faster you have to remember to remove it before it gets too cold and explodes! It's not simply a case of opening a bottle and pouring it out!

This is why wine accessories like the Bull Head Wine Pourer are so useful, and in this case also beautiful and stylish. It's made by Suck UK, who are always coming up with innovative creations to bring fun into people's lives. The Bull Head Wine Pourer is a versatile beast and is an even better Fathers Day gift idea because it can be used on any bottle, so Dad could stick it on his oil or vinegar bottle too.

Beer Lovers – our Father's Day gift ideas

Finding a beer-loving man in Australia isn't like finding a needle in a haystack, is it? Aussie men appreciate a fine cool beer on a warm day – because it's delicious! So help your Dad's deliciousness get even better by buying him something related to a pastime he loves. Take a look on Everything But Flowers for Fathers Day gift ideas that'll make your beer-appreciating Dad happy.

We've got special beer glasses (not the same as beer goggles!) and beers from around the world. You can even surprise him by taking him out for a beer and spending some time with your Dad, showing him how much you love him. Alternatively, we have beer-tasting experiences – days out visiting breweries you can treat him to. He can go with a mate and have one of the best Father's Day ever – thanks to you!

With thousands of Fathers Day gift ideas for all tastes, kick back in a comfy chair and browse Everything But Flowers to find the ideal Fathers Day present for your great Dad. We'll even gift-wrap your purchases for you and send you tracking details so you can be sure your gifts get to their destination.