VICTORINOX Huntsman Swiss Army Knife

Useful and Tough. The perfect Swiss Army Knife.

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From the original makers of the world’s favourite Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox, the Huntsman is the ultimate all round tool to get even the most adventurous guy out of trouble. With everything from saw blades to a bottle opener and scissors, there’s a tool for every occasion or problem.

Measuring 91mm in length this is the perfect sized knife to take anywhere and it’s backed by over 125 years of quality knife manufacturing by champions Victorinox. Swiss made toughness; this is a winner for father’s day presents. With free shipping Australia-wide for orders over $99 be sure to search through thousands of gifts to find the perfect one for the man in your life.

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Useful Fathers Day Presents

Let him know you've spent your money wisely!

Parents can be funny about Fathers' and Mothers' Day. They worry their children are wasting their hard-earned money, not realising that for their grown-up children it's a way of showing they care and love them. And a way to say thank you for all those presents you got over the years.

If your Dad's a bit like that, giving him something he will use can offset him thinking you've wasted your money because you haven't. In fact, you've spent it wisely, which will be an additional gift for him, because he'll see how well he's brought you up! One such Fathers Day present is the pocket Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife – a must-have item for anybody.

The gadget that's saved helped countless soldiers!

Add the Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife to your Fathers Day presents and you'll be onto a winner. It's so useful, we all should have one! You know what it's like when you're out and about, perhaps just out of town, or camping. You have a mishap, and where is a pair of scissors when you need them? Or perhaps you need a corkscrew – disaster if you don't have one of those! Add to that a bottle opener, a saw knife and a couple of other useful add-ons – your Dad won't need to worry about any problems with this indispensable gadget.

Famous the world over, this incredibly handy pocket multi-tasker has got soldiers out of trouble since 1891 when it was first produced. The Victorinox is the original Swiss Army Knife – don't forget to tell your Dad that. With its iconic red colour and Swiss flag symbol, your Dad will be the envy of his friends when he whips it out of his pocket to become the hero in a moment of need.

What are your Dad's interests?

Getting Father's Day presents that match your Dad's hobbies will also be welcome presents. Sometimes it's good to plan presents – just a tip from us. Ask your Dad in casual conversation what he'd like to have – perhaps it's something he won't spend money on, because he feels it's an extravagance. If you ask him, or any of your friends and family, these types of question when it's not coming up to a special occasion, they won't think you're secretly compiling a present list and will tell you things they'd love to have.

Then comes the hero of the hour – you! With the Fathers Day presents, or any other gifts for special occasions, that you know they'll love to have. Sometimes it's good to ask your Dad directly. He might appreciate how practical you are, and knows exactly what he'd like to have. If you're not living near your Dad, or even if you are, we will gift-wrap your presents for you. We also give you free Australia-wide postage when you spend over $99. For your peace of mind – because we know how important your gifts are to you and the recipient – we'll send you tracking details for everything you buy from Everything But Flowers! That way you can rest assured your present gets to its destination on time.