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Father's Day Presents for the handy dad! He's one of the most important figures in your life. He’s been there through your ups and downs; and we've found Australia's best gifts for Dads with free delivery for orders over $99AU and a range of gifts for men of every kind!

Best Tools and Gadgets Gifts For Father’s Day

Happening every first Sunday of September, Father’s Day is the time to show your appreciation for all his hard work. As such, the Father’s Day gifts you choose should reflect how much you appreciate everything he has done for you and the family. Father’s Day presents are also a way of showing love, and showing admiration at him as your role model. 
So, you can’t just buy any random present off the street. Your gifts for Dad for Father's Day should be thoughtful and practical at the same time. 

Choosing the Right Father’s Day Gifts For Your Dad

One of the first things you can do to choose the right Father’s Day presents is to think of who your dad is to you, and how you view his role in your life. Is he your model of success in business? When you chose your career, did you aspire to be like him when you grow up? He’s definitely one of the reasons for your success, because of all of his support. 
Or you can think about his role in your family life. Maybe he’s the person who mediates all of your fights, or the person who first helped you do chores at home. He taught you the tools which are useful for life in general. You can also think about all of his hobbies or interests. Your dad could be interested in cars, sports, or arts. 
He probably also taught you life essentials, like carpentry, a bit of accounting, how to change tyres, and other things like that. You probably learned how to knot a tie and wear a suit from your dad. 
Any of these things could help you find the right Father’s Day gifts, as you’re thinking of who he is as a person. But one thing you can definitely consider is how he helped you grow up, and how hard he worked to give you what you have today. Your Father’s Day gifts should then be a way of giving back to him. Make his life a little bit easier and more fun — it’s his time to relax. 

Tools and Gadgets Make Perfect Father’s Day Presents

Tools and gadgets can be the best Father’s Day presents you could give. Not only are they practical, but they also reflect how you view your dad and his hobbies or interests. 
You can start off with something that’s light. A gift that’s quirky and fun would go a long way in helping him ease off his responsibilities. These gifts can be perfect for a dad who loves hanging out with friends or hosting an afternoon drink at home. The stainless Shark Bottle Opener is a hilarious and novel way to open beer bottles for those afternoon marathons. 
If he’s a sports enthusiast, you can add a bit more flavour to his watching time with Bottlepop’s Rugby Ball Bottle Opener. It’s both cute and functional! If he’s not into rugby, these bottle openers come in different shapes and designs. There’s the AFL Bottle Opener for footy enthusiasts, the Magic 8 Ball Bottle Opener  for more pool-minded dads, and the Cricket Bottle Opener.
If your dad loves to host bigger parties and backyard get-togethers, tools and gadgets that can help him around the grill and around the kitchen would go a long way in helping him relax and have fun. The Stainless Steel Bottle Opener and Fridge Magnet should be a convenient staple in any barbeque lover’s house. He can also grill around and have fun with the Fishing Rod BBQ Lighter. Lastly, any barbeque experience won’t be complete without the durable and stylish Maverick BBQ Tool Set. It has 18 pieces of high quality tools that would meet his every need. 

The Perfect Father's Day Gift Ideas For Every Dad

Camping tools are also practical Father’s Day giftss that you could give. You can pair it up with an offer to go camping and bonding as a family, one of these days! It’s the perfect way to show your support for his recreational hobbies and trips outdoors. You can try the Multi-Function 11-in-1 tool, which is as practical and handy as it sounds. You can also opt for the high quality Victorinox Pocket in Blue, which is made only by the finest makers in Swiss army knives. 
The Framework Mini Tool is another gift you can give them which they will surely appreciate. It can be used in the office, car, or home, making it efficient and convenient. Lastly, you can choose the Handspan Multi Tool, which includes callipers, screwdrivers, a bit holder, an adjustable wrench and more. What’s interesting and wonderful about these gifts is that they can be brought everywhere! When your dad’s in a pinch, he would surely appreciate your Father’s Day presents. 

Finding Quality Tools and Other Gifts

All of these high quality tools and gadgets can be perfect for your dad. The only thing left to do is for you to find and buy them. Luckily, the online shop Everything But Flowers has a wide range of Father’s Day presents that you can simply order and have delivered to your home! Now, you don’t need to worry about giving him the best gadgets in the market. 
If you still want to consider other kinds of quality gifts, don’t worry. Everything But Flowers also offers other kinds of gifts, from grooming materials to kitchenware accessories. 
For example, you can help your dad feel sharp with only the best in modern skincare. The Urban Rituelle Shave Set is a classic staple to any gentleman’s home. You can complement it with the Urban Rituelle Face Scrub, crafted from Germany, and Muhle Fine Badger Horn accessory. You can also help your dad relax with the invigorating and relaxing scent of this Men’s Soy Candle. 
Clothing accessories are also top quality Father’s Day presents. You can combine quirkiness with fashion with funny cufflinks, like the World’s Okayest Dad  design and the Daddy Bear Cufflinks. The ultimate book of style, Pocket Square, is also a must-have so that your dad will never have a boring jacket again. 
There are many more gifts to choose from! If you’re looking for only the best in Father’s Day gifts, look no further than Everything But Flowers, remember we offer free delivery for Father's Day gift orders over $99AU.