Big Roast & Little Roast

For perfect roasts whatever the size!

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Serve delectable home-cooked roasts in these big and little roast trays from Davis & Waddell, perfect for creating succulent dish presentations. This set consists of two non-stick roasting pans measuring 39 cm x 26 cm and 32 cm x 22 cm, making these pans perfect for pot roast, rib roast, roast beef, roast lamb leg and more.

Its non-stick interior and exterior make it easy to use and mess-free. This non-stick roasting pans enable you to treat your family or loved one on a cold evening or on a special weekend to a tasty dinner. This set is perfect as a gift to home chefs, food lovers, and emerging cooking talents on birthdays and other special occasions.

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Need some international Fathers Day ideas?

If youre looking for inspiration to strike your Fathers Day plans, it might be time to look out into the world and learn from other cultures. Theres a treasure trove of Fathers Day presents and Fathers Day traditions you can adapt for your own family.

Lets take a look at how Russia, Brazil, and Spain celebrate Fathers Day.

How does Russia celebrate Fathers Day?

Unlike many countries in the world, Russia celebrates Fathers Day on February 23rd. The day is called Defender of the Fatherland Day and is colloquially referred to as Mens Day. Defender of the Fatherland Day has its roots in Russias military history; it was initially a day during which soldiers and those who served in the military were celebrated and honoured. Over time, the day has evolved to include all men, which is why its frequently called Mens Day.

The holiday differs from other Fathers Day celebrations, since the day tends to celebrate all men and not just fathers. But children may give their fathers Fathers Day presents or small gifts as part of the celebration.

Defender of the Fatherland Day is the counterpart to International Womens Day on March 8.

How does Brazil celebrate Fathers Day?

Fathers Day in Brazil, or Dia dos Pais, is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of August. This date was chosen in order to honour the patron saint of fathers, grandfathers, and godfathers, St. Joachim. The day is typically spent eating a large meal, typically of Brazilian barbecue. Its also common for children to give Fathers Day presents to their fathers and grandfathers.

Dia dos Pais is not a public holiday, but its still widely celebrated in Brazil.

How does Spain celebrate Fathers Day?

El Dia de Padre, or Fathers Day, is a very important holiday in Spain. Children often spend a week before the holiday just preparing. Its celebrated on St. Joseph day, the patron saint of carpenters. St. Joseph is also thought to serve as a good model for fatherhood. This day falls on March 19th.

Children typically give Fathers Day presents and spend the day with their father. Its common to see families celebrating the day together by having a large meal together and exchanging the Fathers Day presents. And if youre in Valencia, you can participate in a large feast called Las Fallas. Here they celebrate St. Joseph and spend the day feasting on such regional specialities as paella.

How can you add new traditions to your Fathers Day celebrations?

Around the world, people celebrate their fathers by eating large meals, giving Fathers Day presents, and spending time with their father. But you can add some pizzaz by trying new traditions. Does your father or husband enjoy seafood? Maybe bring the Las Fallas feast to him by making some killer paella. Or perhaps have a feast of Brazilian barbecue with all sorts of tasty side dishes.