Multi Function Fishing Tool

Loved by fisherman everywhere, essential fishing gear

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Ever been fishing only to lose your scaler, or wanted to cut your fishing line and couldn’t find your knife? That problem is solved thanks to this handy multi-function fishing tool where everything is at your fingertips right where you need it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re camping or out boating, at just 15x6x2.5cm this black and silver fishing tool is perfect to take with you even when space is limited. Don’t drag multiple gadgets around when you can take just this one. Perfect for father’s day presents for the man who loves to fish; with free shipping Australia wide for orders over $99.

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Giving gifts for Father's Day that match his hobby

Whatever he's into, we'll have something he'll love!

When you kick back and browse through our website, you'll notice various categories and thousands of gifts for Father's Day. So whatever floats your Dad's boat, we probably have something related to whatever he loves. Does he love fishing by any chance? If he does, the Multi Function Fishing Tool will be an eye-opening wonder of a gift for Father's Day.

If you're not into fishing, you might wonder why he'd need the various accessories attached to this incredibly useful fishing tool. It's even got a measuring tape! Though he might cheat a bit with that, but don't question when he uses his hands rather than the measuring tape to tell you how big his catches are! The Multi Function Fishing Tool has a knife for easy removal of scales if he's going to light up a fire and dine on his catch. This is an invaluable gadget on camping trips.

What a whopper!

One of it's more impressive functions is he can weigh his fish. The Multi Function Fishing Tool has a hook, from which he can hang his fish, and the inbuilt scale will tell him just what a whopper he's caught! Another accessory removes the hook, and just to make it totally indispensable, it has a bottle opener for that cool beer to enjoy after a hard day sitting on a rock or a grassy riverbank. He does deserve these little treats! If Dad's into fishing you'll really make his day with gifts for Father's Day like the Multi Function Fishing Tool.

We've other fishing-related gifts, including novelty items, which the devoted fisherman will adore. Check out our range of books too for more gift ideas for Father's Day, because he might want something to read while he waits for the fish to bite (which could be some time!).

Does Dad like a laugh?

If your Dad likes games, whether it's card or drinking or playing around in the pool, we've got gifts for Father's Day to cover all hobbies. Plenty of our gifts are made for fun times. We have a men's section, and also a novelty section, packed with gifts for Father's Day he'll love. Best of all for Dad, is that you remembered him! Thoughtful gifts for Father's Day are a wonderful way to show him how much you've appreciated all he's done for you.

At Everything But Flowers we think of everyone, so even if your budget is low, we've got heaps of excellent gifts for Father's Day of all kinds. If you're not on a budget, then Everything But Flowers is your oyster! Just think of any of his hobbies and you'll discover gifts for Father's Day he'll love. We realise that you can't always be with your Dad on Father's Day, so we offer a gift-wrapping service. You can even upgrade to our premium gift-wrapping service if you wish. Just tell us what message you'd like to include with your gifts for Father's Day and we'll make sure it's written in the card with his present. You'll also receive tracking details so you can ensure your beloved Dad gets his gifts for Father's Day on the day!