Davis & Waddell Knife Sharpener

Compact and sturdy from Davis & Waddell

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Sharpen the way you want to with this easy to use Electric Knife Sharpener, featuring its two stage grinding system for fine or coarse edges. With an easy open drawer that catches any small pieces, for complete ease when cleaning up post sharpen. At just 24.5cm x 12cm x 9cm, this device will sit easily on the kitchen bench-top and for sturdiness during use, it features non slip feet.

With so many gadgets and gizmos available now, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with options! Go back to basics with the convenient Electric Knife Sharpener from Davis & Waddell. With a 12 month warranty for piece of mind, you simply can’t go wrong giving this to your dear dad. This and many more gifts available in the Everything But Flowers Father’s Day presents range.

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Great essential Father's Day Gifts

A useful present never goes unused!

Essential items have changed as mankind has evolved. A fire and a pot, as well as some hunted meat, homegrown vegetables and picked fruit, were kind of important to survival not too long ago in our history. Nowadays we think of essentials as our mobile phones – we can't live without them! How did people exist and manage before mobile phones? Oddly enough, they did! So what are real modern-day essentials?

Well certain things that are important don't change, and are as necessary now as they were a thousand years ago. Love, companionship, shelter... knife sharpeners! Our Davis & Waddell Knife Sharpener is an important kitchen item we're sure your Dad will love. It's electric, so a modern take on the old way of sharpening knives manually back and forth for ages.

The Davis & Waddell Knife Sharpener will grind on that blade till it's just the way Dad wants it. He might need it smoothly cut for vegetables, or coarsely cut for his barbie meat. This sturdy machine has a drawer that catches all those tiny metal bits ground from the knife, making it a safe machine to use around the house, so your Dad won't need a welder's mask when he uses it! Davis & Waddell are renowned for their high-quality kitchenware, so you can be sure you're buying Dad not only something he'll find essential and will use regularly, just because he'll probably love using it, but also it's built to last.

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What does your Dad feel is important in life?

We've all got our own ideas of what we can't live without. For some people it's family, for others it's a coffee in the morning. What is important to your Dad? He might think you're the most essential gift in the world. You can show him how much you love him with a thoughtful present, such as the Davis & Waddell Knife Sharpener. If you don't live near your Dad, we can gift-wrap your Father's Day gifts for you and include a card with a personal message from you. We also have a premium gift-wrapping service plus we provide tracking for all your purchases on Everything But Flowers.