Laguiole Cheese Board & Knife

Made in Laguiole, France

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Made in France, the 2-piece Laguiole Cheese Board and Knife Set makes the perfect addition to any cheese-lover’s kitchen. The beautiful, wooden cheese board is decorated with a map of France, showcasing the origin of classic French cheeses.

This lovely board is accompanied by a stainless steel Laguiole knife with an acrylic handle. These knives have been used in Southern France for 200 years and they continue to be a beacon of fine French craftsmanship. The cheese board measures 30cm x 24.9cm x 2cm, the perfect size for slicing, displaying, and serving a variety of delicious cheeses. It also comes with a place to store the Laguiole knife when not in use.

This 2-piece set is a great birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day gift for cheese-lovers and foodies everywhere. We recommend personalising your birthday or Father’s Day gifts by using our premium gift-wrapping service. We have everything you need to wish your loved one a happy holiday.

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The Functional Father’s Day Presents of Everything but Flowers

When you need presents for him, it is often a good idea to look for functional items. So, if you still need Father’s Day presents, you should consider one of our following recommendations. Below, you will find the finest Father’s Day presents, but also functional presents from our birthday presents range!

Laguiole Cheese Board & Knife

If your dad is a genuine foodie, you could choose some Father’s Day presents from our kitchen range. One recommendation would be the Laguiole Cheese Board & Knife Set from our Father’s Day presents range, since it is one of the highest quality gifts in our extensive collection.

The Laguiole Cheese Board & Knife Set includes a genuine Laguiole knife made from stainless steel. It also includes an acrylic handle, which makes cutting your cheese a whole lot easier. The set also includes a quality cheeseboard, perfect to serve the finest cheese at a social gathering.

The Maverick Double Burger Press

The next functional present at Everything but Flowers can be found in our range of birthday presents for him, more specifically the Maverick Double Burger Press. The Maverick Double Burger Press from our birthday presents for him range features an ergonomic design and one convenient handle, which enables your recipient to press the finest burgers with a minimal amount of effort.

In addition to the Maverick Double Burger Press from our birthday presents for him range, there are other functional items from Maverick that could delight your dad. So, if Maverick is a brand that has convinced you of its quality, be sure to grab more Maverick items from our birthday presents for him range.

Luckies Smartphone Speaker

Sometimes it is useful to have a speaker at hand, especially when your dad wants to play his favourite tunes at a social gathering. By obtaining one of our Luckies Smartphone Speakers as a present, your dad always has a convenient speaker at hand to play his songs a little louder.

The Luckies Smartphone Speaker does not require charging. It takes four double A batteries, which means your dad simply needs some spare batteries when he is out and about. The Luckies Smartphone Speaker is already assembled as well, so dads who are not tech-savvy will enjoy this speaker just as much as the tech-savvy dads.

Our Luckies Smartphone Speaker is compatible with most devices. It can be used with smartphones, but also tablets, laptops and mp3 players. So, no matter which device your dad has, he can certainly use this convenient speaker.

The Kreafunk Ahead Bluetooth Headphones

Everything but Flowers has many gifts for tech-loving dads as well, which includes the Kreafunk Ahead Bluetooth Headphones. These headphones are not only fashionable and comfortable, they can play music up to ten metres from the source device.

The Kreafunk Ahead Bluetooth Headphones can be charged in little under three hours and have a standby time of twenty days. Still, even if your dad uses these headphones on 80% volume, he can still get a full 14 hours of enjoyment out of them.

Our Kreafunk Ahead Bluetooth Headphones are made from quality materials as well. The manufacturer used PU leather earmuffs and ensured the headband of the headphones could be extended; this means that the headphones will match any size head.

The Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray

You do not have to buy complicated items to delight your dad, because the simple things are often the best ones. One of our simple gifts, which is still very functional, is the Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray.

The Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray is made from genuine acacia wood and measures a spacious 32.5 x 49 x 22 centimetres. It can easily hold breakfast, lunch and dinner, which makes it perfect for your dad when he watches his favourite show on TV.

Our Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray has foldable legs as well, so if your dad is not using his breakfast tray, he can easily put it away until he needs it again. So, this gift is not only functional, it is convenient too.

The Davis & Waddell Wine Aerator

Is your dad a wine collector or wine lover? If he is, you simply must consider the Davis & Waddell Wine Aerator. The Davis & Waddell Wine Aerator eliminates the need to open a red wine bottle beforehand, which usually needs to be done to let the red wine breathe. Still, there are quicker and smarter ways to incorporate more oxygen in your favourite red wine, and this smarter way is the Davis & Waddell Wine Aerator.

To use the Davis & Waddell Wine Aerator, simply place the aerator on your preferred decanter or wine glass. Then, pour the wine through the aerator and into the decanter or wine glass. As you pour the wine through the aerator, the right amount of oxygen will immediately be added to the wine.

The Victorinox Red Pocket Knife

Is there anything more functional than a Swiss pocket knife? We couldn’t think of anything either, which is why we added the Victorinox Red Pocket Knife to our range of recommended presents for dads.

The Victorinox Pocket Knife is made by a company who has more than 125 years’ experience in knife manufacturing, so the quality of this exquisite pocket knife cannot be denied. The Victorinox Red Pocket Knife is one of the smaller pocket knives from this company, but we offer a bigger version as well. So, if you want to surprise your dad with the ultimate pocket knife, be sure to check the other options from Victorinox as well.

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