Dapper Gentleman's Jar

Handmade and Handy for Many Uses

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The perfect gift for the gentleman in your life; this ‘Dapper Gentleman’s Jar’ is handmade ceramic and printed with black imagery featuring a bowler hat and bow tie and text reading Gentleman, Original Co. Such simple styling for a unique and on-trend gift idea for guys.

The ceramic jar measures 9.5 x 18cm, making it the prefect size for him to use it in a wide range of ways around the house. Combs in the bathroom, to display on the mantle, goodies in the kitchen, it matches perfectly with the Dapper Gentleman’s Plate.

A great idea for Father’s day presents, birthday presents or a stylish anniversary gift.

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Make Your Dad's Day With Your Father's Day Presents

Give him a Father's Day present he'll enjoy

Isn't it a great feeling when you give someone a gift and it brings a smile to their face? You know you've bought them something they love, which is always the best feeling for both of you. It can be quite tough finding Father's Day presents your Dad will enjoy. We do everything we can with a huge selection of gifts that cover all tastes. The Dapper Barbershop Jar is an unusual gift, but at the same time a great Father's Day gift that your Dad will enjoy. It's fun and practical, big enough to hold his toothbrush, or comb (if he has hair!), or perhaps he could use it on his work desk for pencils. If he's a bit of an artist, he can stick a few small brushes in it to brighten up his artist's studio.

The Dapper Barbershop Jar is 18cm tall, and 9.5cm wide, so it's a good size. It's playful design is fun and retro, so if he likes reminiscing, or is into vintage objects, this is the type of Father's Day Present that will bring a smile to his face! He might use it as a display object, it's certainly very elegant and is sure to get a comment or two. And he'll have you to thank, with your thoughtful gift on Father's Day! The Dapper Barbershop Jar is the type of manly gift with a sense of humour that men love.

Discover Father's Day Presents he'll enjoy

Parents often can't bear the thought of their children 'wasting' money on them. The wrong gift can get you a telling off! Sometimes asking your Dad what he'd like as his Father's Day Presents will please him, because he might have a list of things he'd like, but hasn't got round to buying yet, or perhaps feels they'd be a guilty pleasure so he won't buy them. You will be giving him that guilty pleasure treat with your Father's Day Presents if he's open to telling you. You can explain to him you'd love to give him a gift for Father's Day he'd love. We've got such a huge range of men's gift ideas for Father's Day, even if he tells you the type of gift he'd like, such as a BBQ present, then we've got plenty to choose from. Why wear out your shoe leather trudging around stores feeling hopeless, when you can browse hundreds of men's gifts in our online store? Your practical thinking will please your Dad!

Everything But Flowers carefully selects our gift range to ensure that we have something for all tastes and budgets in stock and ready to deliver direct. When it comes to Father's Day presents, we've got gifts for dads who love fishing, gifts for dads who love cars, and Father's Day gifts for those who love to read and cook too. No matter what he loves, we're sure to have something in stock that will bring a smile to his face.