Black Pool 8 Ball Cufflinks

Puts a bit of luck on any man's side.

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This is an attractive cufflink set and one of the best-selling gifts from our novelty range. Handsomely shaped like a black pool ball and topped with a black figure 8 in a white circle, its the perfect gift for pool-playing enthusiasts.

The Magic 8-Ball Cufflink set is an excellent gift for birthdays, Father's Day or Christmas. Everything but Flowers has 1,000s of wonderful gifts and experiences for all ages and occasions.

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What do you do if you missed Fathers Day?

Oh no! Youve missed Fathers Day! Sometimes youre so busy you can hardly keep track of the holidays that are coming and going and sometimes it just completely slips your mind. Dont worry; it happens to the best of us.

So what do you do when you remember that youve forgotten Fathers Day? Well, that all depends on when you remember youve forgotten.

What do you do if you remember Fathers Day only a day or two before?

First and foremost, dont panic. You have the advantage of having a day or two to come up with a few good Fathers Day presents and ideas. If youre buying your Fathers Day presents online, take advantage of quick shipping. And if youre still worried it wont come in time, have the gifts delivered directly to your fathers house. This cuts out one unnecessary stop.

You can also take advantage of a stores gift-wrapping service, making sure that when the Fathers Day presents do arrive, theyre ready to be opened!

If theres no way your gifts are going to arrive on time, take your dad out for dinner, a picnic, or on a hike. In other words, spend time with him. This can be as or even more meaningful as giving your Fathers Day presents on Fathers Day.

But what do you do when you remember Fathers Day after it has passed?

We set Fathers Day aside as one day to specifically celebrate our dads, but it certainly isn't the only day you can do so. If youve forgotten Fathers Day, let your dad know that though you forgot the holiday, you didn't forget him.

Its up to you to decide whether or not you should address why you forgot Fathers Day. If you do address it, consider sending him a card in which you apologise for forgetting, while also letting him know that you love and care about him 365 days of the year.

Another way to show your dad that you care is to schedule a make-up Fathers Day. Or simply surprise him with some Fathers Day presents and a celebration. Take this chance to make it a truly special day.

A final tip:

At one point or another, we all forget important dates and holidays. When you remember youve forgotten Fathers Day, just make sure you let your dad know how much he means to you. You cant go back in time, but you can always tell your dad that you love him and youre glad hes around. He will be just as chuffed with this, than any elaborate plan.

And though we use Fathers Day as the day to celebrate our fathers and father-figures, sending a small gifts or tokens of appreciation throughout the year is a great way to remind the ones we love how much we do care about them.