It Happened in a Holden Book

Hardback. Written by Paddy O'Reilly

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Many Australians have a special place in their heart reserved for the Holden, which came onto the scene in 1948. These cars have been a staple of Australian life since then, giving most Aussies at least one Holden story, whether it be in the FJ, the EH, the Torana, the Kingswood, the panel van, the Ute, or the Monaro.

Several of these stories have been captured in It Happened in a Holden, a beautifully designed book perfect for reminiscing, laughing, and crying. Its written by Paddy OReilly and was published in November 2014.

It Happened in a Holden is a wonderful gift for past Holden owners, story-lovers, and people of all ages and sizes. Consider giving this book as a Mothers or Fathers Day gift. We recommend pairing this coffee table book with Man Caves. Or if you want more of a laugh, pair this gift with the hilarious book Molvania.

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