Maverick BBQ Tool Set

Part of the BBQ Maverick Range, Davis & Waddell

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Enjoy backyard barbecuing to the fullest with this 9-piece barbecue tool set that makes the task easy, safe, and exciting. Made from premium stainless steel, this man-sized BBQ tool set includes 4 large skewers, a large spatula, large tongs, basting brush for reapplying marinade, fork prong, and long-handled steak knife, all neatly placed in an aluminium carrying case for convenient handling.

These grilling implements are durable and safe to use, making this barbecue tool set truly perfect for outdoor celebrations or grilling picnics. This is amazing as a gift for those who are fond of barbecues or of outdoor cooking. Give this tool set to men on Fathers Day, Christmas, birthdays or on any suitable occasion.

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