10 Piece Roasting & Basting Set

10 Piece roasting and basting gift set!

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Basting is a fine art and the key to a succulent roast. Whether preparing poultry, beef, or pork, having the right tools will help you cook a perfect roast every time. This 10 piece Roasting Basting Kit contains all the tools youll need.

This set includes the following pieces:

1x Baster with cleaning brush
1x Silicone basting brush
1x Meat thermometer
1x Flavour injector

The baster is made of heat resistant polycarbonate with a silicone bulb. It can withstand temperatures up to 138 degrees celsius. And the silicone basting brush can withstand temperatures up to 260 celsius. The tools are easy-to-use, easy-to-read, and have clearly marked measurements.

And while you're at it, match this roasting and basting set with the St. Louis Steak Knife Set to give your delectable roast the respect it deserves. This Acacia Wood Meat Block would also be great for slicing that roast just perfectly before serving your guests.

No matter what time of year, fathers, mothers, and foodies will love this gift set. If you're busy, we recommend using our premium gift-wrapping service.

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