CrushGrind Ceramic Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

Beautifully Crafted From Beechwood

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The perfect gift for home chefs; the New York Salt & Pepper Grinders are a beautiful addition to any dining table. Beautifully crafted from Birch Wood, the grinders feature a Dark Birch Finish and a Light Beech finish and offer perfect ceramic grinding every time.

Measuring 6.5 x 18cm the internal grinder can be easily cleaned by grinding very coarse salt on occasion. For super delicious meals every time, freshly ground spices offer a depth of flavour and intensity to be celebrated. Browse our selection of gifts for food lovers at Everything But Flowers, and we’ll deliver directly to their door Australia-wide.

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Spice Up Your Dad's Life This Father's Day

Going back a few hundred years, the Spice Trade was big business. European food was bland and boring. When seafaring ships discovered amazingly delicious spices in hot countries, well, to put it bluntly, they went nuts. Food tasted delicious! They couldn't get enough! People were made incredibly rich because of the spice trade.

Let's see if we can find some great Father's Day gifts for your Dad to spice up his food, or find him something new to try. Interesting men's gifts where he discovers something new are always a good find. If your Dad enjoys cooking and experimenting with food, we've a spice rack that has vials like in a science lab. It's such an amazing Father's Day gift because it looks so fantastic, especially when it's filled with different coloured spices.

One spice, or seasoning, we all have is pepper. It goes with so many dishes, it's permanently on the table with the salt. The New York Salt & Pepper Ceramic Mills have an attractive, classic shape and are great gifts for men, especially if his salt and pepper grinders are a bit worn (which most are!). These grinders are made from high quality birch wood, with a ceramic grinding mechanism, so they are premium Father's Day gifts that will grace his table for years.

Send Him On A Cookery Class For Father's Day

Does your Dad like to cook? Or do you think he'd love to cook, but he has a fixed idea that he can't. Some people use the latter as an excuse, but for others, they think it's a sad fact! If your Dad would love to cook like one of the famous chefs on TV, we have Experiences you can send him on where he'll learn to cook food from different countries. These are fantastic gifts for men, because they form a new interest and give him the chance to impress guests.

Take a look at our Experiences section for truly brilliant men's gift ideas. For cooking prowess, he can learn to cook food from Japan, Italy, Vietnam, France, Bali, and Spain. Remember, these types of men's gifts can benefit you too when he serves up his culinary successes. You can also send him on a day where he can learn the techniques butchers use, so he can prepare his meat to his exact taste. How manly is that Father's Day Gift!

If you're feel unsure what gifts for Dad to buy, you can give us a call – one of our advisors will be happy to give you a hand. You can add a free gift card with your message for every men's gift. If you need your Father's Day gift to arrive on a specific day, upgrade to our Premium Delivery service and we'll make he'll get his Father's Day presents on time. We offer free delivery across Australia when you spend $99 or more. If your gift costs less, then we have a flat rate across Australia of $11. You can also upgrade to our premium gift-wrapping service for your Father's Day gifts to look premium for your Dad's special occasion.