Manual Drip Coffee Brewer Set

Perfect Drip Coffee At Home; Every Time

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The key to a perfect coffee right in the comfort of home. The Manual Drip Coffee Brewer Set from Leaf & Bean helps anyone create a clean tasting coffee, that’s full of flavour and coffee quality without ever leaving the house. This is the perfect gift for coffee lovers and will become a favourite every morning for its ease of use and quality results.

Featuring a glass beaker with an 880ml capacity, there’s plenty of room to serve coffee for friends and family too. Featuring a stainless steel micro filter, there’s no need for disposable filters which saves money and the environment. We offer delivery Australia wide and for the ultimate in gift savings, don’t forget we offer free shipping for orders over $99AU from Everything But Flowers.

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

Father's Day Gift Ideas For His Favourite Hot Drinks

Are you stuck for Father's Day gift ideas? Well, one thing we've all got in common, is we all have to drink – and we love to drink. Most people have a morning cuppa, and on our very hot days we need a cool glass of water or beer. Your Dad will have his favourite drinks, so let's give you some men's gift ideas for him.

Sometimes people's drinking habits change over the years, so make sure you're up to date. It's best to check what he enjoys, rather than take a guess. Have you ever been given a bottle of something you don't drink as a present? Or a coffee pot when you've changed to drinking tea? Disappointing, isn't it? We don't want that to happen to your lovely Dad this Father's Day!

What Hot Drinks Does He Enjoy?

It might seem like giving men's gifts for his morning tea or coffee is pointless. It's such a routine, it's true. Nonetheless, a Father's Day gift that will enhance his shot of morning caffeine as he reads the morning paper might just make his day. If he really loves coffee, how about getting him a Manual Drip Coffee Brewer Set? This traditional way to make a delicious cup of coffee is a fantastic gift for men. He can choose exactly what coffee blend he loves, and experiment with new ones, which is always fun. His coffee will taste delicious thanks to your clever Father's Day gift.

We've a variety of coffee plungers too – those innovative coffee pots will give your Dad so much satisfaction when he slowly presses down the plunger. Ours, of course, look amazing. We are a gift company after all! So we curate men's gifts that look awesome. Take a look at our gifts for coffee lovers and you might get plenty of Father's Day gift ideas.

Check Out Our Tea Gifts For Men

If his morning hot drink is a satisfying cup of tea, we've got you covered. We have gift boxes containing different teas; gorgeous infusers that hold loose tea in his cup, and novelty mugs if he has a grand sense of humour. Whatever your budget, you'll find a lovely Father's Day gift for your fantastic Dad. He'll be delighted you've gone to the trouble, although with Everything But Flowers, we do our very best to make shopping for men's gifts easy.

We want your shopping Experience with us to be pleasant and satisfying and. You can add a free gift card with your message for every men's gift. If you need your Father's Day gift to arrive on a specific day, upgrade to our Premium Delivery service and we'll make he'll get his Father's Day presents on time. We offer free delivery across Australia when you spend $99 or more. If your gift costs less, then we have a flat rate across Australia of $11. You can also upgrade to our premium gift-wrapping service for your Father's Day gifts to look premium for your Dad's special occasion.