Man Vs. Child Book

Written by Comedian, Writer, and Dad Doug Moe

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Know a guy who’s finally finished trying to become the world’s greatest guitarist? Then maybe it’s time for him to have a baby, which means it’s time to read Man Vs. Child by comedian and dad Doug Moe. The hardcover book covers everything from pregnancy and mushy little newborns to grumpy toddlers and autonomous children. Throughout this incredible 192-page book, Moe offers insight and advice tinged with irresistible wit.

Man Vs. Child has been praised by numerous comedy greats, such as Amy Poehler, Michael Showalter, and Rob Huebel. In other words, it’s certain to make new parents laugh out loud! It measures approximately 14.7 x 2.3 x 21.8cm.

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How To Find An Original Father’s Day Gift This Year

Every year, at about at this time of the year, the same question pops up in most people’s minds - what father’s day gift should they buy for their dad? Gift possibilities are endless - from ties and socks to wine, or even necklaces made out of noodles - but the great majority of us feel that have already given all the possible presents that would interest our fathers.

Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. There are actually many, many different gifts out there which you almost certainly have never thought of. All you need to do is get a bit creative, think outside the box, and buy something which you have never even thought of before. Here are some of our favourite father’s day gifts for people who are trying to find an original present this year.

The educational gift

Do you sometimes feel like your dad doesn’t do a very good job of parenting? Do you tease him from time to time about his parenting skills? If so, then you should consider buying him a father’s day gift which is related to this, and which he can draw on to strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Our favourite father’s day gift which is related to parenting is the Man Vs Child book by Doug Moe. This book outlines some of the stranger and more humourous aspects of parenting, and will be sure to provide your father with endless smiles and happy reading. The best thing is the affordability that this gift offers - if you are somewhat short on money, consider buying this book as a father’s day gift this year!

The memory gift

What better way is there to celebrate the incredible bond between a child and their father than by making a reference that only he will understand? This reference could come from anywhere - from a movie you saw together and both loved to a place you visited or an activity you do regularly with him - the only thing that matters is that you both understand the significance of the gift that you are buying.

The most important thing is that you use that special link between you to find father’s day gift ideas - original ideas which you haven’t bought for him before. Alternatively, you can also try and buy your dad a father’s day gift which will remind him of a private joke that you both share. More on this soon!

The funny gift

A great way to surprise your dad is to give him a father’s day present which will make him laugh. These days you can find all kinds of interesting food or drinks. You can also find things like t-shirts with messages that will make him laugh. You probably know your father better than almost anyone, so it follows that you will know what sort of things will make him laugh. Go for it - buy your dad a funny father’s day gift this year!