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For photographic purposes some products have been featured with additional props. These props are not included in the gift boxes. Unless an item is listed, it is not included in the hamper.
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Father's Day Gift Hampers for the dad who has it all. Treat your dad to some beautiful Australian wine or Port, and some gourmet nibbles or sweets. Our most popular hamper, Red Wine & Nibbles includes free Australia-wide delivery, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Father's Day Gift Hampers With Australia-Wide Delivery

Being a Father is such an honour, one with fun. love and plenty of challenges. As the saying goes, “A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms, even when his hands are empty.” Or, the more humorous, “Fatherhood. Only the strong survive.” As a wonderful influence in our lives; dads deserve an amazing Father's Day Gift.

From those working dads who come home with dirty hands, tired eyes, and a weary smile, to those stay-at-home dads who understand that laughter is the best medicine, we honour, thank, admire, adore, and love every single fantastic dad on Father’s Day. By being a great father, you are teaching your children how to be great parents too. And in our society, that is an amazing must. So kudos to you, dads!

Why do hampers make the best Father’s Day gifts?

To answer your question, hampers make the best Father’s Day gifts because they are diverse, unique, and versatile. You can peruse and pick the Everything But Flowers hamper that would suit your dad best. And we will pack up all the nibbles and beverages into a neat box, wrapped with a shiny bow. Perfect for picnicing. We have over a dozen hampers to choose from—all would make great Father’s Day gifts, depending on your dad’s personal preferences in food.

Need a few suggestions? If your dad is a true gourmand, gift him with a gourmet hamper, chockful of delicious, upscale nibbles. He will get a mixture of gourmet delights, such as fruit pastes, vegetable sauces, spiced nuts, flavourful crackers, and fresh, sun-ripened olives in a plethora of scrumptious herbs. Or, if your dad has an undeniable sweet tooth, opt for one of our decadent sweets hampers. These hampers take indulgence to new heights with handcrafted chocolate truffles, chocolate-coated caramels, lemon biscuits, cinnamon cookies, and vanilla fudge. You could also spice up his sweets hamper with a bottle of white or red wine.

Would your dad consider himself a connoisseur of good spirits? We have a plethora of whisky, beer, and wine hampers, each doubling as some of our best Father’s Day gifts. For instance, if your dad has a refined palate, snag a hamper with scotch whisky as the star. Of course, no picnic should be without snacks, and there are a variety of upscale nibbles in this hamper, like green olive spread, fig crisps, and fresh hazelnuts.

If your dad would prefer a cold bottle of beer to a tumbler of whisky or a glass of wine, we have several hampers with some of the best local Australian beers, and a slew of delicious, bar-style snacks. Or, you can opt for international brews—a hamper with a focus on at least 5 beers from around the world.

When it comes to using our hampers as your Father’s Day gifts, the options are nearly limitless. You can mix and match hampers by snagging a couple, then combining the contents to make your own custom hamper (and keep the leftovers for yourself). Or, you could simply reflect on the foods and beverages your dad would be happiest with, and find the hamper that best suits the kind of stuff he loves. Easy-peasy!

Or, For Mums Who Do It All

Sometimes your mum takes on the role as both parents, supporting you from every angle. Single mums deserve way more than we can offer, to be honest, but if your mum has been everything to you, then consider Father’s Day an extra Mother’s Day. Because, quite frankly, she is a strong, amazing woman, and she deserves as many days of thanks and appreciation as you can give her.

For mum, we suggest a hamper packed with sweet red or white wine and scrumptious chocolate truffles. Or, if she prefers savoury to sweet, grab a hamper of fruit spreads, vegetable dips, crisp crackers, and a bottle of chilled bubbly. Unconventional to get mum a Father’s Day gift? Yes. But if she did it all, then she deserves it all. The same goes for dads on Mother’s Day.

What You Should Know About Gifts From Everything But Flowers

We at Everything But Flowers want your dad to have the best Father’s Day ever, so we offer a bunch of personalized options at checkout. For orders over $99 AU, you receive free shipping to anywhere in Australia. Or, you can snag a gift voucher, set to any amount you want, and have it emailed directly to your dad upon checkout. If you’d prefer to wait on delivery, set a later date and we’ll deliver his voucher when you’ve specified.

For all orders, regardless if it’s a Father’s Day gift or not, we offer a complementary card with a custom message option. You can uncheck this option if you choose, but it does add an extra special touch to your Father’s Day gifts. Or, if you want to go a step beyond, add on a Father’s Day card of your choosing with a handwritten, customized message. It costs a few bucks extra, but it’s totally worth it.

As for your packages, we do offer professional gift-wrapping with your choice of plain or printed wrapping papers. It is all professionally, perfectly wrapped, so no crinkles, wrinkles, or unnecessary creases. Simply a beautiful presentation. Add on your choice of a colourful ribbon, tied into a shiny bow for the top of your package.

Oh, and if you had trouble finding a hamper to double as your Father’s Day gift, we have tons of other cool stuff that your dad would love. Feel free to peruse the site at your leisure, and drop us a line if you have any questions.